Lovin' Fall Most of All Essential Oil Blend 6 Set

Lovin' Fall Most of All Essential Oil Blend 6 Set



If you can’t get enough of the crisp air and warm desserts of fall, our Lovin Fall Most of All Essential Oil Blend Set has everything you need to enjoy the season.

Apple Orchard: Like walking through a refreshing orchard of apple trees enjoying a light fall rain, Plant Therapy’s Apple Orchard Blend is the perfect way to enjoy a sweet yet herbal apple aroma. This complex blend of citrus, herbal, and floral essential oils and isolates provides a unique scent of ripe, juicy apples and crisp fall air. Its deliciously sweet aroma can cheer up any room by uplifting the senses and creating a cozy autumn-inspired environment.

Autumn Blooms: Breathe in the lightly floral and fresh, earthy aroma of a fall garden with our Autumn Blooms Essential Oil Blend. This cooling, herbaceous blend will lighten your senses with its bouquet of sweet flowers, green herbs, and woody notes. Let the sweetness of Orange, Davana, Blue Tansy, and Chamomile oils uplift your senses while it freshens the air around you. Coriander, Cardamom, and Carrot Seed Oils provide a touch of spiciness against the deeper, earthier notes of Cedarwood, Turmeric, and Carnation oils. Enjoy the changing of the seasons with this unique bouquet of complementary scents.

Chocolate Orange Truffle: Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like that yummy orange-infused chocolate treat you know and love! Now you can bring that decadent cocoa and citrus aroma straight into your home with our new Chocolate Orange Truffle Essential Oil Blend. This cozy and comforting confectionary scent is a great way to help relax thanks to wonderfully soothing essential oils like Copaiba, Cedarwood, Cocoa, Sandalwood, and Vanilla. Its touch of citrus from Orange, Bergamot, and Kumquat oils provide an uplifting note to encourage a happy state of mind.

Fireside Flannel: Plant Therapy’s Fireside Flannel blend instantly transports you to your favorite mountainside retreat. With the crisp, fresh notes of Juniper Berry, Fir Needle, and Eucalyptus Dives, and the grounding notes of Virginian Cedarwood, Frankincense Carterii, and Vetiver, this blend is reminiscent of nights spent next to the campfire. Orange Essence, German Chamomile CO2, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang Extra provide a subtle sense of sweetness.

Harvest Moon: With a crisp, clean, woodsy aroma, Harvest Moon is reminiscent of freshly fallen autumn leaves crunching below your feet on a crisp fall morning. Bergamot provides a subtle hint of sweetness and Cedarwood amps up the woodsy forest aroma. Fir Needle and Juniper Berry give this blend a crisp, clean mountain air feel, while Cardamom shines through bringing warmth. When diffused, this blend may help keep airways clear during times of seasonal illness. Harvest Moon can also help soothe sore muscles due to overexertion.

Pumpkin Spice: What smells spicy, warm, and feels like fall? It’s got to be Pumpkin Spice! This subtly sweet autumn blend is sure to spice up your living space. With the bold and brightness of Blood Orange, the sweetness of Vanilla, and the spicy warmth of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, and Nutmeg, this perfect autumn concoction will have you anticipating the changing seasons. Diffuse this during family gatherings to bring in a cozy atmosphere.

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