Lil' Stinkers™ Aroma Plush™ Refill Pads

Lil' Stinkers™ Aroma Plush™ Refill Pads



We don’t want the cuddling to end with your new Aroma Plush™ Lil’ Stinker™ when the scent dies away, so with our new Aroma Plush™ refill pads you can keep PJ, Otis, and Coco smelling delicious all the time.

Our refill packs of 10 are ideal for anyone who has an Aroma Plush™ Lil’ Stinker™ because it allows you to re-apply or change the Lil’ Stinker™ scent. Apply the Aroma Plush™ signature oil or any other Plant Therapy KidSafe® Oil to fit your child's needs.

Sold By: Essential Oils | Plant Therapy.

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