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KidSafe® Blends


100% Pure KidSafe Essential Oil Blends

For a natural and gentle way to address many common kids’ issues, trust Plant Therapy’s KidSafe® Essential Oil Synergies. This collection features a variety of safe, blended essential oils designed to be harmless yet effective when used on children. Whether your child struggles with having too much energy at bed time (ah, how lucky they are), an inability to focus or even upset tummy, these kid-friendly essential oil synergies can help provide issue-specific support when needed.

We’ve developed an assortment of KidSafe synergies made with blends of pure, potent essential oils of the highest quality. Popular blends include A+ Attention to support focus and encourage calm, Ear Erase featuring congestion-clearing plant oils, Germ Destroyer that helps safeguard your child against germs and Calming the Child that features a mix of some of the most soothing bedtime oils. These safe, blended essential oils are a must for any natural parent’s medicine cabinet! A fun way for your child to get the benefit from an undiluted oil is through our proprietary line of Aromaplush diffusers kids love.

Learn more about the quality of Plant Therapy KidSafe essential oils.