Key Lime Pie™ Birthday Set

Key Lime Pie™ Birthday Set



We're sorry but Key Lime Pie is not available for purchase. But you can get yours by signing up for our PT Perqs rewards program and providing your date of birth. When your birthday rolls around you'll get a special offer to receive Key Lime Pie free!

Happy birthday to you! To celebrate, we're giving you a free Key Lime Pie Essential Oil Blend. Just make sure to sign up for PT Perqs, enter your birth date, and wait to receive a unique code on your birthday that you can redeem for this birthday bonus oil. You won't be able to get Key Lime Pie any other way!

Key Lime Pie is a bright, yummy blend that will make you feel like you're celebrating your birthday every day of the week. The freshness of Lime, the sweetness of Vanilla, and the smooth, creaminess of Copaiba come together to create a blend that will satisfy your sweet tooth (just promise you won't eat it). Uplifting and invigorating, Key Lime Pie also encourages mental energy.

Sold By: Essential Oils | Plant Therapy.

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