Jack Pine Essential Oil

Jack Pine Essential Oil



Jack Pine is native to the northern parts of Canada and the United States. While it thrives there is very prone to damage from forest fires, but the amazing thing is how quickly it re-seeds and comes back. Traditional healers have used the gum (resin) from Jack Pine to mitigate the effects of colds.

As with most pine oils, Jack pine brings an opening quality to the chest, allowing for deeper breathing. What is unique about Jack Pine oil is its minor constituents. For example, hexanal and cis-3-hexenol are intensely "green" odorants, both smelling of fresh-cut grass. The esters, such as bornyl acetate, myrtenyl acetate and terpinyl acetate conspire with the grassy ordorants to lend a sweet fruitiness to the odor not seen in other pine oils. Because of these minor constituents Jack Pine has refreshing and mood-uplifting properties and can create a clear environment, pushing out cluttered thoughts and leaving calm, collected thoughts behind.

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