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Essential Oils and Transitioning to Fall


Essential Oils and Transitioning to Fall

The fall season is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year. Whether you are starting a new school routine or preparing for the cooler months ahead, you’ll find comfort and indulgence in autumn’s boldest, richest and coziest scents. Fall essential oils are perfect for transitioning to the second half of the calendar. For one, they can help you to feel more inspired and energized for going back to school. Many blends are also beneficial for conquering the challenges of fall sports, enjoying seasonal stress relief and getting back into a festive mood.

If you’re interested in using essential oils to thrive this fall, read our guide to the season’s best scents and how to use them. You’ll discover how autumn essential oils offer a natural way to thrive in the classroom, perform on the field and celebrate at the holiday table. You’ll also get to explore some of the best blends and applications for your schedule and personal needs, so you can make the most of the season and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Back to School

essential oils for fallNo matter whether you’re headed to college or are sending your kids off to class, a combination of back to school essential oils and a new bedtime routine can make for brighter mornings and more productive days. One of the best ways to feel more enthusiastic and alert for the first day of school is to go to sleep earlier. Set the alarm to the time you want to get up each morning at least a week before class begins. When it’s actually time to get up, it’ll be easier to pull off the covers.

The night before school, jitters and excitement may rule your household. If you need a way to relax for sleep, have a warm bath or drink a cup of hot tea. You can also try using Vetiver essential oil. Its smoky, woody scent is both relaxing and reminiscent of a quiet forest during autumn. Since it’s part of our KidSafe Singles collection, which includes the best essential oils for kids, all the children in your family can enjoy it. When there are 30 minutes left before bed, add a drop to an aromatherapy diffuser or personal inhaler. Once you set your head on your pillow, you may be surprised at how easy it is to count sheep.

If you’re searching for a softer scent, there are plenty of child-friendly essential oils to help promote sleep. We recommend sweet and luscious Lavender essential oil for sleep, as kids tend to like the scent more than any other. If you’re not sure how to use Lavender oil for sleep, it’s as easy as combining 3 drops in a 10 ml roll-on with your favorite carrier oil. Apply to the back of your child’s neck before bedtime to help them relax and rest for a big day ahead. As an alternative to Lavender oil in a roll-on, you can diffuse it throughout the kids’ rooms as you tell a nighttime story. Turn the diffuser off as you leave the room and watch them drift away to a peaceful night’s sleep. We also recommend you try Rose Absolute, especially if you like floral, feminine scents. Place a drop of oil in a diffuser necklace as you dress for bed and brush your teeth.

Even if everyone’s feeling energized, jam-packed days and back to school business may trigger difficulties with motivation or mood. If you’re searching for essential oils for sleep and anxiety, our Balance Synergy blend is perfect for busy moms who don’t have a moment to spare. It includes several of the most calming and rejuvenating essential oils for women, including Geranium Bourbon, Ylang Ylang Complete and Jasmine Absolute. Once the little ones go to bed, create an indulgent bath with a couple drops of the blend in your favorite bubble bath or body wash.

As an alternative to these essential oils for complementing a more peaceful sleep and taking the edge off stress, our Worry-Free essential oil blend contains 100 percent pure, undiluted essential oils like cozy Chamomile Roman and earthy Sandalwood Australian. These extracts are renowned for assisting both men and women in coping with life’s challenges. For relaxing the kids, use Calming the Child, which is a kid-safe version of a popular calm essential oil blend. Orange Sweet is a citrusy and uplifting single oil safe enough for children and adults. Let your son or daughter enjoy its happy scent in a personal inhaler or aromatherapy diffuser. It can also be combined with sugar and Grapeseed Carrier Oil to make a cheerful and skin smoothing bath scrub. Other essential oils perfect for your stress-relieving needs include Sage Dalmatian, Lavandin and family-friendly Bergamot.

With the first few days behind you, teachers will begin to assign exams and homework. At this time, it becomes even more important to focus in class. For this reason, you’ll need essential oils that wake you up and get you going. Students have been using essential oils for focus for ages to improve their attention span and sharpen their concentration. Like other kid-friendly citrus scents, Pink Grapefruit offers a quick boost to the senses that can both help to motivate the mind and lift the spirits. It can even be used as an essential oil for tiredness.

After a long day of class, evening and nighttime studying call for an invigorating boost for the mind and body. Eucalyptus is among the essential oils for energy and for studying and is also known to help reduce discomfort from headaches, decrease feelings of tension and revitalize the senses. It’s even effective for teacher anxiety. If you’re into the classics, Lemon is one of the greatest essential oils for alertness, but it can also help to improve your outlook if you feel you can’t read or write any longer. As one of the best essential oils for studying, it’s also one of the best essential oils for waking up the mind after a long night of memorizing facts or figures.

Staying in a dorm this fall? Most residence halls won’t let you have candles in your room for safety reasons. Not to worry—you can still relax with aromatherapy without any flames or fire. All you have to do is pair a few battery-powered tea lights or a string of indoor fairy lights with a personal inhaler featuring your favorite relaxing essential oils for concentration and study. If you’re searching for the perfect nighttime companion oil, Blue Cypress is well-known among co-eds for its woody and fresh scent. In addition to helping soothe feelings of restlessness, Blue Cypress is also known for aiding in respiratory support.


Elemi Essential Oil from Plant TherapyIf you prefer something more tangy and musky, you’ll love Elemi essential oil. Put a few drops in a diffuser to help you feel more grounded and balanced. You can also combine it with oils like Sandalwood Australian, Lavender, and Frankincense for more depth. Elemi and Sandalwood Australian make for one of the best essential oil blends for studying. Let it transport you to an exotic place while you cram in those last sets of math problems.

Fall DIYs

fall essential oil diysIf you’re a student who is into fall flavors and likes to get crafty, try our recipes for DIY Spiced Orange Pine Cones or Paper Pumpkins featuring the most festive essential blends of the season. It only requires a few affordable and easy-to-find ingredients. Best of all, it will make your entire dorm room smell like a harvest festival.

Diffusing in the Classroom: Don’t!

fall essential oil diysMany teachers like to start the back to school season by designing a Zen learning space. As an educator and parent, you know the benefits of essential oils in the classroom. However, while essential oils in the classroom may create a relaxing and uplifting environment for your students, it’s still important that you don’t disperse aromatherapy around the area. You might consider keeping the essential oils at home and using them as a way to kickstart the day. If you use a standard essential oil diffuser in the classroom, some kids may have allergies to even those that are considered the safest and most popular essential oils. Depending on their age, they may not even know it before a reaction occurs. Not to mention, there are countless other contraindications between medications and other medical issues.

Feng Shui Scents

essential oils for fallHappily, there are other methods of using essential oils in the classroom. While you use a personal inhaler and Zen essential oil recipe of your own, make it okay for students to bring theirs to their desk. In reality, this works as the best essential oil diffuser for the classroom, since everyone can keep their scents to themselves. Should you need a little inspiration for creating a good vibe in the space, Vanilla, Lavender, and Chamomile are all considered Feng Shui scents. Remember: Before you instate any aromatherapy policy, get permission to use essential oils in the classroom from your principal or superintendent.

Immune Boosting Oils

essential oils for fallFinally, more positivity and less stress are good for long term health, but can also contribute to a stronger immune system. Help reduce your chances of getting sick during autumn by using oils to help you rest and take care of yourself. One of the best fall allergies remedies is Copaiba Oleoresin. One drop of this smooth and sweet extract found in tree balsam can be combined with a drop of Coriander, a drop of Black Pepper and two teaspoons of the carrier oil of your choice to create a soothing chest rub. Apply it anytime you are dealing with a cold or fall allergies. You can even combine it with creamy Vanilla Oleoresin or Cedarwood Himalayan to create a rejuvenating blend. Eucalyptus oil can help to relax you while cleansing the air, while single extracts such as Bergamot, Tea Tree and Cinnamon Leaf have anti-viral properties, according to research.

Fall Scents

essential oils for fallIf you love fall scents, essential oils offer you the pleasure and comfort of the season. Be sure your home smells like the most bountiful fruits of the harvest. Clove Bud essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils for cold weather and smells as rich and spicy as cloves in a fall kitchen. All you need is a drop or two in an aromatherapy diffuser or oil warmer to make your entire living room, bedroom or bathroom smell autumnal. Or, combine Cinnamon Bark with Orange Sweet, Nutmeg or Ginger Root CO2 for a delightful fall diffuser blend. You can also place a combination of the extracts in an oil warmer to make your home smell like fall cooking in minutes flat. Be sure to use KidSafe essential oils when children are present in the house.

Autumn’s essential oils aren’t just limited to the household. Drip a few drops of Cardamom or Cedarwood Virginian on a wooden clothespin and clip it to your automobile’s air vent. Some stores even sell mini diffusers that can be plugged into your outlet. If you like the aromas close to your body, try a stylish diffusing necklace.

Football Season

essential oils for fallFootball is one of the best parts of fall. No matter if you’re a fan or an athlete, you can use essential oils to your benefit as you win games or cheer on your favorite team. Tend to your post-game day hangovers by relieving feelings of nausea, reducing the impact of headaches and stimulating your natural energy. Ginger essential oil is one of the best essential oils for a hangover. It can help to relieve nausea and vomiting when applied to pressure points or inhaled by way of a personal inhaler. If applying to the body, be sure to dilute appropriately. Smelling Eucalyptus or Peppermint extracts can help to take the edge off the pain from headaches. Combine them as an essential hangover blend to aid yourself in feeling better faster. Rosemary and Lavender are two single oils that can help make you experience more alertness as you begin to recover. Peppermint and Lavender can be used in combination as an essential oil blend for a hangover to both calm and soothe.

When athletes want to ease soreness naturally, they can reach for essential oils for pain. Peppermint oil is popularly used in athletic injury creams and topicals due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Other helpful essential oils for sore muscles and muscle pain include Marjoram Sweet, Chamomile and Eucalyptus.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

essential oils for fallOnce Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone is ready to unwind and take a break. Calming and relaxing essential oils are perfect for chatting over a big holiday breakfast, watching long movies or sitting down at the dinner table. Organic Melissa oil has an understated, lemony scent that everyone in the family will like. Relieve feelings of stress and tension by placing a couple of drops of it in a diffuser. Most families will also enjoy comforting single oils like Vetiver and Rose Absolute.

Complement the smells of turkey and stuffing in the kitchen with fall essential oil blends fit for a Thanksgiving celebration. A combination of Clove, Orange Sweet and Cinnamon will evoke aromas of spiced cider. A rich blend of Nutmeg, Clove, and Vanilla smells just like pumpkin pie.

Autumn’s Essential Oils: A Bountiful Harvest

Finally fall essential oil fall blendsEssentials oils are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. Whether you need support for overcoming teacher anxiety, are searching for a Zen essential oil blend or want to help your child study with more enthusiasm, you’ll be inspired to tackle anything the season brings. While we know you’re excited about getting started, the most important thing to remember is safety. When aromatherapy is a family affair, always double-check that the single oils and blends you use are safe for kids. If you are gathering oils for topical use, dilute them properly and combine them in a skin-friendly unscented lotion or carrier oil. This is necessary whether you’re using it for children or adults.

Since many of autumn’s scents are best enjoyed through inhalation, investing in a home diffuser or personal aromatherapy inhaler will help you make the most of each extract’s benefits. You can also boost the power of the smells of the season by hanging rosemary wreaths, adorning your mantle with a cinnamon broom, or letting a hot cider filled with cinnamon sticks and cloves simmering on the stove. As the weather gets cooler and you move further toward the holiday season, we hope you discover how essential oils can help you feel more uplifted, healthy and joyful than ever before. It’s just another bountiful harvest you can enjoy this year.

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