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Be Your Own Valentine


Be Your Own Valentine

By Melissa Johnson, Content Manager

Valentine’s Day… It’s the celebration of love and romance and all things cheesy. It can also be a painful reminder that anyone not lucky enough to be in a relationship on February 14th is alone. No chocolates, no flowers, no teddy bears, no fancy date night. As a single thirty-something, I’m all too familiar with the pangs of jealousy that pop up when I see those red and pink aisles at the grocery store, couples posting about their perfect relationships on social media, or even our new Be Mine blend (even though it is seriously adorable).

With a holiday so entirely devoted to couples, it’s easy to sit on the sidelines, maybe wallow with a little ice cream and try to move on with our lives. But no more! It’s time to be your own Valentine. Treat yourself how you would want your significant other to treat you. Send flowers to yourself, enjoy dinner at a fancy restaurant, remind yourself that you are valuable and worth loving. Don’t wait to live your life until there’s someone else in it. Which I know is easier said than done (and I’m determined to take my own advice this year).

Because essential oils somehow make everything better, even loneliness, here are a few ways you can use EOs to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day.

Woman relaxing in a bubble bath

Pamper Session

A good pamper session looks different for everyone… Maybe it’s giving yourself a pedicure, indulging in a nice bubble bath, or shaving your legs all the way to the top (who has time for that anyway?). Whether you’re cozying up at home or hitting the town, treat your body to some extra love and attention, even if you’re the only one who gets to appreciate it. Plus, adding essential oils to the mix can help provide some skin-loving goodness and a few extra therapeutic benefits when you’re feeling a little down.


Put on a fun rom-com (or something decidedly not romantic if you’re feeling a little salty), grab your nail polish, and get ready to show off your toes. Our Fabulous Foot Scrub DIY is the perfect place to start. You’ll combine Himalayan and Epsom Salt in a blend of Coconut and Sunflower Carrier Oils. The added Peppermint, Tea Tree and Orange essential oils add a fresh, cooling sensation to this simple scrub. Then you’ll massage the scrub onto your feet to exfoliate, smooth, and moisturize. Once you’ve rinsed the scrub off your feet, use your favorite lotion or our Age Defying Body Crème for extra soft skin. Your toes (and heels) will thank you!

Plant Therapy Get Relaxed Bubble Bath: Essential Oils and Loneliness

Bubble Bath

Nothing says luxurious alone time like a long, relaxing soak in the bath. Light a few candles, grab a glass of wine and your favorite book, and soak in all the goodness. Our Get Relaxed Bubble Bath provides extra foamy goodness with all the benefits of our Relax Essential Oil Blend. The oils in that blend were specially chosen to help promote a peaceful, tranquil state of mind. It can be particularly beneficial after a trying day when you need some emotional support. Which is perfect because being single on Valentine’s Day is the very definition of a trying day.

Silky Legs

Raise your hands if you go into full sasquatch mode when you’re single. There’s no shame in letting the leg hair grow free. After all, we shouldn’t be shaving because society tells us to or just to impress a man. If we shave our legs, it should be for ourselves, because we want to. So if like me, you love nothing more than the feeling of freshly shaved legs and clean sheets, here are some simple DIYs to help you achieve that gloriously smooth shave.

Plant Therapy Body Creme and Body Butter

  • Body Scrub: A close shave starts with a good scrub. It helps remove some of the dead skin cells and excess dirt while cleaning out your pores. Our Get Glowing Coffee Scrub Bars will do just that!
  • Shaving Oil: Shaving cream has been the go-to for so long. But once you try the Silky Legs Shaving Oil, you won’t want to go back! The natural ingredients will nourish and smooth your skin getting you the closest shave. Plus, you can also see what you’re doing, which makes for far fewer missed patches. This DIY also includes the skin-soothing goodness of Lavender, Rose, and Bergamot.
  • Lavender Hydrosol: Soothing and gentle, Lavender Hydrosol is the ideal choice to help calm any razor burn and soothe irritation for sensitive skin.
  • Moisturizer: The final touch for silky smooth legs? Moisturizer! Our Age-Defying Body Crèmes not only have rich ingredients that will moisturize your skin, but also ingredients that will help fight signs of aging.

Be Mine Blend (For Reals)

Was Be Mine created to set a romantic mood for couples? Yes. Does it positively scream cutesy adorableness that reminds us we don’t have someone to share it with? Pretty much. But does that mean that us single people don’t get to enjoy it? Absolutely not! It has a beautiful, zesty, sweet aroma that is great for everybody. Because here’s the thing, the same therapeutic benefits of these oils that make this blend useful as an aphrodisiac also make it useful when you’re feeling down or anxious about your state of singlehood. The citrusy aromas of Bergamot and Orange Essence can help boost your mood and calm nerves. Patchouli and Sandalwood are both grounding and relaxing. The combination creates this fun blend that is uplifting, calming and relaxing. You can even bundle it with some adorable socks!

Plant Therapy Rose Absolute: Essential Oils and Loneliness

Essential Oils and Loneliness

Let’s be honest, being single is hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a career singleton like me or find yourself newly single this year, it’s still hard. It’s hard being on your own with no one to share a meal with (and share the cleanup with). It’s hard seeing fancy events or shows you want to go to, but then realizing your only option is to go alone. It’s hard going to bed alone and waking up alone. It’s hard to long to be held or touched, only to settle for the lovable snuggles of your one…..okay, three….cats. Being single is just plain hard.

While essential oils certainly can’t cure loneliness, they can help soothe some of the ache that comes with it. Frankincense and Rose are both excellent places to start. These oils are well-known for their ability to help during times of grief and sorrow. They can help create an atmosphere of comfort and peace when you’re feeling alone. Bergamot is another wonderful choice. It has a lovely fruity aroma with warm, floral undertones. It helps ease feelings of anxiety, especially during times of sadness and loneliness. Also, Clary Sage can help balance emotions and create a calm atmosphere when feelings start to get overwhelming. These are just a few of the essential oils that can help when the feelings of loneliness get to be too much.

Just remember, nothing lasts forever. And even though we’re single on Valentine’s Day, we can’t use it as an excuse to not live our lives or treat ourselves well. This year, let’s be our own Valentine.