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25 Ways Essential Oils Will Change Your Life


25 Ways Essential Oils Will Change Your Life

Essential oils will change your life. No, really. They will. Even our ancient ancestors knew this!

And even though these incredible natural products have been around since the dawn of time, many of us are just now getting the hang of all the ways we can use them in our lives. And wow! What an amazing impact they bring us! From the inside out, essential oils support our whole being and I’ll show you what I mean with our list of 25 ways that EOs will change your life:

1. Your face could be healthier and less prone to breakouts and blemishes.

Woman looking at her reflection

This is huge! For anyone out there who has spent a regrettable amount of time and money on countless celebrity-endorsed subscription-only 3-step facial regiments, you know the struggle for clear skin is REAL. And not only that, the struggle is completely unique to your own personal situation, since there are so many lifestyle factors that contribute to what your skin is doing. But when you lay off the chemical washes and toners and start trying essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols, you may notice your skin start to thank you. Suddenly those troublesome zits are less inflamed, fine lines become less prominent, and your skin gives off a youthful, dewy glow.

Learn more about how essential oils can help your skin look and feel your best with these blogs:

2. Strong nails and cuticles.

Don’t hide your brittle nails any longer! With essential oils helping strengthen and support your entire nailbed, you just may be constantly inclined to show them off! Not only that, but our nails serve a greater purpose; they protect our very sensitive fingertips, signal health concerns, and work as excellent itch-scratchers.

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3. Photo-ready hair, day or night!

Do you know what all the best, name-brand hair care products have in common? Plant-based ingredients! Carrier oils, like Argan and Avocado, dominate tons of popular over-the-counter hair care products, along with butters and essential oils. That’s because these billion-dollar companies want to capitalize on what us oily enthusiasts and professionals have always known: hair and scalp LOVE all the natural benefits these products bring. From preventing dandruff to adding length to smoothing out frizz, learn how essential oils can change your hair for the better:

4. Help moisturize even the dryest skin

If you suffer from extremely dry, cracked, or flaky skin, hopefully you’ve given EOs a try. There are plenty of ways to provide intense, immediate moisture to skin that needs it the most, without paying an arm and a leg. Head over to these blogs to see how essential oils can help out your dry skin:

5. More EOs means less commercial products!

Female hand holding moisturizer in clear container

Let’s face it—buying skincare products at the store can be daunting. Unless you have your absolute go-to store-bought product, you may find yourself standing dumbfounded in the aisle looking upon dozens and dozens of different products that all claim the same thing: they’re the best! But when you use essential oils, you’ll find yourself spending a lot less time in those aisles. That’s because when you find just the right essential oil for your needs, you’ll never look back!

6. You’ll begin to gain more awareness about the products you use on yourself, your family, and inside your home.

When you start using essential oils regularly, you’ll probably begin looking at all of your other products in a whole new light. Maybe you’ll give the ingredients labels a look, maybe you’ll contemplate if the products are the safest they can be for your kiddos, maybe you’ll think twice before purchasing a synthetic fragrance. No matter how big or little, a change in your mindset can have profound differences in the choices you make! Learn more with these blogs:

7. Your home will be freshened naturally, not synthetically.

Diffusing essential oils can give your home an incredibly fresh aroma designed specifically to suit your needs. You can diffuse for a health purpose, like boosting immune support, or just for fragrance! There are endless possibilities when it comes to blending essential oils, too, meaning your home’s aroma will be so much more than a store-bought bottle of air freshener—it’ll be a conversation starter!

8. You’ll be able to reduce household toxins with natural cleaners.

Sometimes using commercial cleaning products can be a bit aggressive, you know what I mean? They can irritate your eyes and nose and leave a lingering chemical smell for quite a while before finally dissipating. Before essential oils you may not have given this a second thought, because what else are you going to use? But now you know you have options. Lots of options!

9. You’ll get that beauty rest you deserve!

woman sleeping in her bed

There are so many wonderful essential oils known to promote a quality night of sleep. They can help you relax your mind and body before bed, lull you to sleep, and help you stay asleep. And that’s no small feat! Getting good sound sleep is critical to a healthy and happy YOU.

10. Your morning routine gets an energy boost!

I don’t care who you are—waking up early on a Monday morning is a bummer. Actually, for a lot of us, getting up and out of bed on any day of the week can be hard! But if you reach for one of the many pep-enhancing essential oils available, you’ll find they can give you just the boost you need to get up and at it! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and that Peppermint EO smells oh so energizing!

11. Your workout routine gets a boost, too.

Woman happy during a run

We all wish we could stay consistent with our exercise goals but that’s no easy task. With so many other daily priorities, that scheduled 45-minute workout is one of the easiest to keep pushing out of the way. And then by the end of the day, we are just too exhausted to give it our all! But using the right energizing essential oils can change all that. And what about your post-workout recover? Essential oils can help there, too!

12. EOs help you find your Zen Zone!

When you first sit down with your mat, it can be hard to get in the focused and peaceful mindset you want to get the most out of your meditation, yoga, or other mindfulness practices. Certain essential oils can help provide just the right type of atmosphere you need to sink into the perfect Shavasana, count your breathes with less mental distractions, or instill calmness while enjoying Lotus Pose.

13. You’ll be more proactive with your mental health.

Woman sitting at her desk stressed out

While there is no quick fix to any mental illness, using essential oils can offer some amazing support. They can help you see the sunnier side of life, calm nervous tension, and encourage an uplifted spirit.

14. Your self-love will blossom.

Everyone can benefit from positive self-esteem, confidence, and that inner voice cheering you on all day long. Essential oils can be used to promote that get-at-it attitude we need in life to feel good in our own bodies and spread that feeling of happiness to others!

15. We can’t forget about the romance department!

Who doesn’t want to spice it up in the bedroom? No matter what your relationship status is, certain scents can really jump-start intimate moments. Or you can use your EOs to address other concerns that may be impacting your sex-life, like stress, physical discomforts, and those darn headaches! Check out these blogs to learn more:

16. You’ll be better prepared for emergencies, no matter where life takes you!

Child having spray applied outdoors

From germs, to bug bites, to upset tummies, traveling can take a big toll on our comfort level! But with so many different essential oils to address all kinds of common traveling ailments, you’ll always be prepared!

17. Staying healthy means fewer trips to the doctor.

Essential oils provide some incredible properties that can benefit your whole body. Some are great immune supports, others can help clear a congested cough, and some help open up your sinuses. And this is great! Because when you are feeling healthy or you have the tools to support your body while it’s fighting off a bad case of the cruds, you can take some of your healthcare into your own hands.

18. You can deal with discomfort on your own terms.

When your body hurts, you want effective relief. Inflammation in the muscles and joints can really interfere with your whole day, but maybe you’re not so keen on taking another over-the-counter medicine. Certain essential oils have wonderful analgesic properties that can help you feel more comfortable and ready to tackle the day!

19. Allergy season is a bit less dreadful!

On any given springtime day our bodies are accosted by pollen, pollen, and more pollen. Itchy eyes, irritated throats, inflamed sinuses…it’s no fun at all. But you can prepare for this dread with your essential oils; bring them along with you wherever you go in a personal inhaler or roll-on.

20. Your fur babies can also enjoy some amazing benefits.

Woman happy with her dog

Humans aren’t the only ones who need some comfort! Using essential oils with your pets in a safe and responsible way can really enhance your dog or horse’s quality of life. PT’s Pup & Pony line is the perfect place to start!

21. You’ll always be able to turn to EOs for support when you’re learning something new.

One of the hardest parts about learning something new or taking on a new hobby is maintaining that initial boost of motivation you got when the plan first sprang up in your mind. It can take a lot of consistency and grit to keep yourself going when learning something new or even just organizing all the clutter in your life! Learn how EOs can give you some extra support:

22. EOs make the perfect study-buddy when it’s time to cram.

Not all of us are good test takers. Some of us, well, we need a little extra help staying focused and remembering new information. And that’s okay! There are quite a few EOs that can help you with both of these concerns, plus give you an overall boost of motivation!

23. You’re the go-to for your friends and family with concerns.

Family happy at the beach

A lot of people are interested in alternative medicine choices but may not know how to start practicing it in their own lives. But when you get familiar with essential oils and experience for yourself the positive whole-body effects they have, you’ll be able to support others in their journey to learn more! Help the ones you love by showing them easy DIY recipes, like the ones below:

24. You’ll love this fun new hobby to fill your time!

Falling down the essential oil rabbit hole can be pretty fun! there is so much information to learn, recipes to try, and opportunities to let your creative side go wild! You may like creating DIY masterpieces, learning about the constituents within your favorite oils, or keeping a journal of your aromatherapy inventory. But no matter how you enjoy spending your time with oils, it’s a pretty great hobby!

25. Your part of an inclusive, loving community of oily enthusiasts!

You love oils, we love oils—it’s a match made in heaven! Join us over at our Facebook group Safe Essential Oil Recipes to meet thousands of wonderful EO enthusiasts. And don’t forget to watch our Plant Therapy Live shows on Mondays (9:30 am MST), Wednesday (5:00 pm MST), and Friday (9:30 am MST) on PT’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels! These are wonderful platforms to meet new people, learn new things, and have a lot of fun being part of such a loving community!

So how have essential oils changed your life? Let us know in the comments!