Ishpingo Essential Oil 5 mL

Ishpingo Essential Oil 5 mL



Ishpingo Essential Oil comes from the Ocotea quixos, a species of evergreen wild-harvested in Ecuador and Columbia. The tree is known in Quechua languages as Ispinku and more recently as Flor de Canela, or Cinnamon Flower. While the bark is used to produce "Ecuadorian" or "American" cinnamon, which is similar to common cinnamon, the flowers and leaves are used to create Ishpingo Essential Oil with similar properties to Cinnamon Bark. But because it has a very low percentage of cinnamaldehyde, it much safer for topical use than traditional Cinnamon essential oil. With a warm, spicy fragrance, its stimulating properties may be helpful during times of fatigue or worry. You can also use Ishpingo to help keep your house clean during times of seasonal threats. Plus it is a perfect addition to bring a warm, spicy note to your seasonal blends!

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