I Can't Say "I Do" Without You Set

I Can't Say "I Do" Without You Set



Ready to make your Maid of Honor official, but you’re not quite sure what the perfect way to ask is? You know your girls will be putting in long hours to make sure your magical day goes off without a hitch, so she deserves something special! To help her keep her head together in the face of chaos, stay energized during those long planning sessions, and relaxed enough to enjoy the special day, gift her our I Can’t Say ""I Do"" Without You Set.

Energy: Help your best gal get the mind and body recharge she needs! The cool, citrusy, get-up-and-go aroma of Energy is a perfect way to kick-start the day or keep her going when the midday slumps start to set in.

Pink Grapefruit: The sweet, tangy, and citrusy scent of Pink Grapefruit is a wonderful choice to help refresh and bring about a brighter mood. To put up a fight against mental fatigue, Pink Grapefruit has your back! Plus, this powerhouse citrus oil helps keep blemishes at bay, soothes upset stomachs, and even promotes healthy, luscious locks so your favorite lady will be looking fabulous!

Tranquil: For a busy Maid of Honor, a few moments of mental relaxation is always a welcome treat! Tranquil has a gorgeous juicy, fruity-fresh aroma with a soft and sweet floral center that will help bring about an overall sense of well-being. The oils included in this beautiful blend help to reduce worry and its effects to support a feeling of ease, making it a perfect gift to help your favorite lady bring your dream wedding to life!

Sold By: Essential Oils | Plant Therapy.

More information available at: http://www.planttherapy.com/product/680912081757.html