Honeymooner Set

Honeymooner Set


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You said your vows, said thanks to your family and friends and now the real fun begins—the honeymoon! Whether you’re splurging on an exotic getaway or just enjoying your intimate time at home, our Honeymooner’s Set has you covered. These uplifting, exotic scents are refreshing and energizing, making them the perfect addition to your romantic mood, no matter how you spend your honeymoon!

Honeybell: This delightful and vibrant blend has an aroma of a sparkling citrus bouquet with a green, fruity splash and woody background. It is uplifting and calming with the juicy-fresh citrus scents of Orange and Grapefruit and the sweet green scent of Lime Steam Distilled. Cognac adds an additional fresh, fruity aspect, while Galbanum and Buchu round out the aroma with a hint of woody and herbaceous undertones.

Kumquat: The fresh, citrusy aroma of Kumquat is wonderfully uplifting and brightening to the senses. Perfect for an energizing boost, this exotic essential oil will help get you up and going whenever you need it!

Tropical Passion: The delightfully bold and fruity aroma of Tropical Passion is undeniably uplifting and energizing! The essential oils used in this cheerful blend evokes the feeling of a summer getaway right in your own home.

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