Guava Leaf Essential Oil 5 mL

Guava Leaf Essential Oil 5 mL



Straight from the leaves of the beloved tropical fruit, Guava Leaf Essential Oil's beautiful aroma is a complex mixture of sweet fruitiness that unfolds to reveal layers of spicy and woody notes. Its tropical scent has captured the attention of high-end perfumeries, but it is so much more than just another pretty smell. Guava Leaf is known to provide gastrointestinal support, meaning it can help get things moving when your stomach is in knots. By encouraging the natural flow of digestion, this is a great go-to for tummies in distress. Bring it along when traveling or trying new cuisine to help with feelings of cramps, nausea, bloating, and other issues.

Guava is part of the Myrtaceae family, which contains thousands of species of trees and shrubs. Popular botanicals, such as Tea Tree, Rosalina, Manuka, and Niaouli, are also part of this family, so it is no surprise that Guava Leaf shares some similar qualities to those essential oils. It is thought to be an excellent air purifier and makes a great addition to DIY cleaning products or to diffuse during times of illness. It may also support healthy skin by helping it stay free of unwanted redness! Dilute up to 1% in a carrier oil and apply topically to areas of concern.

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