Green Cardamom CO2 2.5 mL

Green Cardamom CO2 2.5 mL



Green Cardamom CO2 boasts an energetic and vibrant aroma that stays true to that of the fresh plant material. Its radiantly rich scent is warm, green, herbal, and balsamic-woodsy in a way that is both sweet, spicy and fresh. This oil stands apart from its steam-distilled variety because the CO2 extraction process preserves all the facets of the plant’s profile, resulting in an aroma much closer to the original scent. In addition to its pleasing fragrance, Green Cardamom is incredibly useful for supporting healthy digestion and easing an upset stomach. It also offers valuable respiratory support when seasonal threats are in the air so that you can breathe clearly. Additionally, Green Cardamom CO2 can help produce a passionate and sensual atmosphere when you're in the mood for romance.

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