Glass Droppers, Black Bulb Glass Droppers w/ Tamper Evident Seal for use with 10 ml and 30 ml essent

Glass Droppers, Black Bulb Glass Droppers w/ Tamper Evident Seal for use with 10 ml and 30 ml essent

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The black polypropylene caps with straight glass pipette droppers are available in two pipette lengths and feature tamper evident seals. These glass droppers fit our essential oil bottles. Note that they will not reach the very bottom of the bottle, so it is impossible to get all of the oil out by using these droppers alone.
The 62 mm fit Plant Therapy's 10 ml bottle.

The 82 mm fit Plant Therapy's 30 ml bottle.

Pack of 4 droppers.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Customer Reviews


On November 18, 2016


Great product!

I switched out the lids for these droppers on two of my oils so I could accurately measure to 20 drops (making air fresheners). One good squeeze is about 20 drops so they were perfect for me. I saw in another review that the black rubber top will erode over time, I haven't noticed that yet but I make sure the droppers are empty before I screw the lid back on, ensuring minimal oil contact with the bulb.


On March 2, 2017


Perfect Fit

Makes accessing my most used oils and thicker oils so much easier!


On May 12, 2017


Smells great

This is easier than tipping the bottle.


On May 12, 2017



I can't find droppers that fit 10 ml bottles locally. These are just perfect for travel size blends. I prefer this over roller balls. I also use them directly in some oils when I need to dispense drops frequently. They are more convenient than the dropper top that comes on the bottles.


On September 16, 2016

Not to be stored with your oils!

The product description fails to mention that these dropper tops are not intended for long-term use or to replace the original drip caps the oils come with. Essential oils and synergies eventually break down the black rubber bulbs, and they either disintegrate, fall apart, or become sticky. I was under the impression these dropper tops could be used in place of the drip caps, especially since they come with a "tamper evident seal". I really liked having better control of the number of drops of oil I was using with the dropper top, rather than with the drip caps having too much come pouring out with thinner oils or barely being able to get a single drop out with thicker oils. But after having several dropper tops on my oils for a few weeks, they began to erode and possibly affect the quality of my oils. I contacted Plant Therapy and was told these dropper tops can be used with the oils but not stored with them -- this should be in the description. There's not much reason to remove the original cap, use the dropper, replace the original cap, and then have to thoroughly clean the dropper so it does not erode if any oil remains in it. Unfortunately, I had already switched several of my original oil caps with these dropper tops. Plant Therapy sent me more dropper tops to replace the ones that have eroded, but what I really needed was the original drip caps to put back on my oils since I did not save mine. Lesson learned :(