Fruit Essence Set

Fruit Essence Set



Enjoy the vibrant and robust aromas of Plant Therapy’s first ever set of essence oils. Each unique essence captures what we love best about these favorite citrus essential oils, but provides scents that are brighter than ever. The Fruit Essence set contains a 10 mL bottle each of Orange Essence Oil, Mandarin Green Essence Oil, and Lemon Essence Oil. They come perfectly packaged in an attractive wooden box.

Orange Essence Oil offers an intense, fresh citrus aroma that uplifts and energizes, while also easing worry and tension. As a co-product of the production of orange juice, Orange Essence differs from Orange Sweet due to its strong effervescent, fruity top note and additional aldehydes (approximately 0.5%). The chemical makeup is otherwise nearly identical to Orange Sweet and offers the same uplifting benefits.

Mandarin Green Essence Oil has an intense, sweet, fresh citrus scent that is wonderful to soothe nervous tension. It has been harvested early enough to yield the green and yellow oils, rather than the reddish oils yielded by ones harvested later. This particular variety has a dimethyl anthranilate note, which highlights the fruit’s concord grape-like attributes. It’s perfect to give an added burst of sweet richness to any blend.

Lemon Essence Oil has an intense, fresh, zesty citrus scent that is wonderfully energizing and uplifting. The essence oil is derived from the oil phase of an expressed citrus juice created during the juicing process. While similar to Lemon Steam Distilled in chemical makeup, Lemon Essence Oil offers a noticeable estery fruitiness, which is unique to essence oils.

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