Frankincense Carteri CO2 Extract

Frankincense Carteri CO2 Extract

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Product Details

Botanical Name:

Boswellia carteri

Country of Origin:

Germany, Somalia

Extraction Method:

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Plant Part:

Gum Resin

Strength of Aroma:


Aromatic Scent:

FrankincenseCarteri oil has a green, balsamic, lemon-wood odor.

Blends Well With:

Bergamot, Clary Sage, Jasmine Absolute, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Vetiver.




None Known.

Product Brochure:

Frankincense Carteri CO2 Product Template Sheet

Frankincense Carteri CO2 Extract is extracted from a Middle Eastern or African tree's gum resin. It has the ability to rejuvenate the look of mature skin and can be used in creams for the face. The properties of Frankincense Carteri CO2 Extract make it ideal for joint pain associated with aging or overuse. It is also a marvelous choice when breathing is affected by seasonal threats and can be used to help support the respiratory system. Frankincense Carteri CO2 Extract can also be helpful during times of grief and sorrow.
Add 2-3 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil and smooth over achy joints or add to skin rejuvenating preparations. To help promote clear breathing, add 2 drops Frankincense Carteri CO2, 2 drops Eucalyptus Globulus, 1 drop Rosemary 1,8 Cineole, and 1 drop Spruce (Hemlock) in the diffuser.
The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy. All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Bottles are filled by volume. Some bottle sizes may not be filled to the top, but do contain the volume of oil specified.

Customer Reviews

G. P.

On July 24, 2016



I ordered this oil because I was curious about the CO2 line. I have the Frankinsecne Serrata oil but I like this one much better. The scent is so pure and clean - it is what I expect Frankinsecne to smell like. I purchased the 5ml bottle to try it but I will be coming back for the bigger bottle when I finish this one. Five stars - a must have!!

G. P.

On July 24, 2016


Love, love, love!!!

I purchased the 5ml bottle to try it out and I will definitely be ordering the larger size bottle. The scent is very pure and clean - it smells exactly how I expect frankincense to smell. I highly recommend this oil - you won't be disappointed!


On July 26, 2016


Two Thumbs Up!

I ordered the 5ml bottle to try it out - I will be ordering the larger size. I love the Frankincense Carteri because it smells as I would expect Frankincense to smell - the Co2 version smells very pure and clean. This will be a must in my oil collection!


On March 3, 2017


Quality oil

I use this oil at night to help with restful sleep, relaxation, breathing,stuffy nose. Works well. I put about 30 drops all over our wool underlay before I placed our sheets on the bed after washing and the next morning my wife asked me what I put on the bed because she slept so well....I told her she requests it whenever she's having difficulty sleeping. Highly recommend this amazing oil.


On March 24, 2017



I'm new to frankincense, but have heard many good things about it...I like how this one smells and plan to use alot.