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Gift Guide: The Friend Who Likes To Workout


Gift Guide: The Friend Who Likes To Workout

For the friends in your life who love to exercise, Christmas is the perfect time to support their passion. And did you know aromatherapy can be a great way to enhance their workout routine? Whether they need a bit of an energy boost before tackling that long hike or they want some help relaxing their mind and body post-workout, we’ve got some things they’re going to love!

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Pre-Diluted Energy Roll-On

plant therapy energy synergy roll onHaving low energy and exercising just doesn’t work out very well. When our energy level is up, we feel more confident and capable of really pushing ourselves to the limit. Our Energy Roll-On is an all-natural way to give our senses the boost they need to help us feel more energetic so we can get in a great workout. Not only is this roll-on pre-diluted and ready to use, but it also makes a wonderful compact travel buddy that can be used whenever a boost is needed!

The uplifting oils of Orange Blood and Geranium Egyptian help to ease away tension from daily stress and balance emotions; Peppermint and Lemon add an energizing burst to help stay alert and focused; Ginger Root and Eucalyptus Globulus bring warmth and healthy circulation to revitalize the mind and body.

Muscle Aloe Jelly

working out in the gym with barbell weights and red shoesMuscles hard at work deserve some pampering! This icy/hot combination soothes and relaxes muscles, helping them feel great and recover quicker. Any gym enthusiast will definitely appreciate this gift, especially after a hard workout. It dries quickly and goes to work immediately to help reduce the achy soreness that may follow exercise.

Muscle Aid Blend

getting a back massageLike the Muscle Aloe Jelly, our Muscle Aid Blend works hard to help soothe achy muscles. This all-natural blend contains the powerful essential oils of Wintergreen, Camphor, and Pine Scots — the aroma is minty, fresh, and herbaceous, and has a wonderful calming and cooling effect.

Make sure to pair this gift with a carrier oil so that your friend can safely dilute the blend (3-5%) before using topically!

Rapid Relief Blend

baller dancer using a plant therapy essential oil roll onIt’s not just muscles that can cause discomfort after exercise; sore joints can also be an unpleasant side effect after working out. Thankfully, Rapid Relief can help! The essential oils used in this blend can help warm the areas of concern and increase circulation — helping provide a sense of relief and ease. Just don’t forget the carrier oil! Dilute to 3-5% in order to safely use on skin.

And don’t forget to add gift wrapping to your order at checkout for just $4.99 when you’re buying for someone else!

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