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Unusual Essential Oils You Might Not Have in Your Collection


Unusual Essential Oils You Might Not Have in Your Collection

There are some oils out there that seem to get all the glory. Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Rose. They’re at the top of everyone’s most loved list. But there some pretty amazing oils that sneak under the radar, largely going unnoticed. Sure, their names might be hard to pronounce and yes, maybe you’ve never heard of them, but that doesn’t mean that these oils don’t have a lot to offer. Quite the contrary! These oils, although unusual, will be a treat for collection and help you expand your oily horizons.

Plant Therapy Saro Essential Oil


Even though its name sounds like a little bit of a downer, it’s full name literally translates to “keeps the bad things away”. And really, couldn’t we all use a little something that helps keep the bad stuff away? Saro has a medicinal scent that is similar to Tea Tree but with a hint of citrus. This amazing little oil can help boost the immune system and keep germs at bay, aid in respiratory support, soothe skin irritation or sore muscles, and can also help uplift and revitalize while reducing the feelings worry. With this many benefits, there’s no reason not to try it! To learn more about Saro, check out our top four uses.

Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Tea Tree and Ravintsara


Ravintsara, not to be confused with Ravensara, is a versatile essential oil that has a number of amazing benefits. It has a fresh, sharp, medicinal smell that is similar to Eucalyptus. And like Eucalyptus, this oil is a go-to for chest congestion, stuffiness, and tickly throats. This is due to its 1,8 Cineole content, which also makes it not safe to use around young children. Whenever you’re experiencing discomfort in the legs and arms or sore muscles from overexertion, dilute it in a carrier oil and massage onto the problem areas. This essential oil is a powerhouse against skin issues and helps to promote the natural healing of minor wounds. As if this wasn’t enough, Ravintsara can also promote positive thinking and can be helpful with cognitive performance, focus, and soothe worries and fear.

Plant Therapy essential oils

Bergamot Mint

Contrary to the name, this oil is in fact not a citrus. Instead, Mentha citrata is technically from the mint family and has a unique light citrusy, fruity aroma with a hint of mint. The chemical makeup of Bergamot Mint crosses between Lavender and Bergamot, with just a hint of mint. It is safer than other mint oils and due to its high Linalool content. You’ll find it is calming, yet not sedating, and it can carry you away from every day worries. This amazing oil has so many other incredible benefits. It supports healthy emotional balance, calms the mind, and helps renew the spirit. Bergamot Mint is also helpful with body discomfort and occasional digestive upset. Add a few drops to your diffuser to enjoy the refreshing, clean scent of citrusy yet minty oil.

Slices of citrus fruits


If you’re a fan of citrus oils, then Yuzu is a must-have in your collection. It is cold-pressed from the fruit peel of the Citrus Junos tree, which originated in Japan. Yuzu has a tart, citrus smell that is a blend between Mandarin and Grapefruit. The wonderful aroma can create an atmosphere that is refreshing, especially during times of worry and tension. Yuzu also supports respiratory health and can help during times of congestion brought on by allergies or a cold. And as an added plus, it works exceptionally well in perfume blends or as a personal fragrance. And because it’s one of the less common citrus oils, it can add an air of mystery to your signature scent.

Chocolate Truffle essential oil

Chocolate Truffle

Exotic? Not really. Hard to pronounce? Nope. But is Chocolate Truffle something utterly unique and positively decadent? Absolutely. This oil is so delicious smelling, you might be tempted to eat it! Even though that wouldn’t be a great idea, Chocolate Truffle is the perfect blend of Vanilla Extract and Cocoa Absolute. The result is a rich chocolate aroma that is undeniably uplifting and delightful. To make a wonderfully smelling ChocoLatte diffuser blend, add 3 drops of Chocolate Truffle, 3 drops of Coffee Essential Oil, and 1-2 drops of Cinnamon Bark and enjoy the rich and spicy latte aroma.

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