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Six Natural Ways Keep Your Furry Friends Safe This Summer


Six Natural Ways Keep Your Furry Friends Safe This Summer

Summer is here and we’re stoked for it. But no one is more stoked than our pets: Warm temps, grassy yards, balls to catch and swimming are just as fun for our furry friends.

But pet safety is even more important during the summer months, especially when the temperatures start to rise.

1. Never ever, ever leave your pet in a hot car.

It can take just minutes – MINUTES – for your pet to develop heat stroke and suffocate in a car.

Most people don’t realize how big of an issue this can be, but think about this: On a 78-degree day, the temperature in your car can reach 90 degrees in the shade and top 160 degrees if parked directly in the sun!

Your best bet is to leave your pet home and inside on hot or even pretty warm days. If you’re driving around with your dog or cat in the car, bring water and a water dish and take your pet with you when you go inside a store.

2. Remember, paws get scorched too!

Paw Balm from Plant TherapyWhen the sun is out, it’s no wonder we don’t like walking around in bare feet on asphalt or metal. It can get really hot, sometimes hot enough to burn your toes! Even though your pet has extra-tough skin on their paws, that hot asphalt can be scorching to your pet’s toes too.

When walking your furry friends, try to keep them off of hot asphalt while walking; not only can it burn little paws, but it can also increase body temperature and lead to your pet overheating.

Along those same lines, it’s not a good idea to drive around with your dog in the bed of a truck either because of the hot metal surface which can also burn paws.

To keep your pet’s paws moisturized and promote healing, use our Pup & Pony Paw Balm regularly to help keep their skin in tip-top shape.

3. Keep your pets calm during fireworks.

Woman using Pup & Pony blend with her dogThe loud noises, bright lights and high-pitched tones of fireworks can be very frightening and disturbing to some pets (remember, their hearing is much better than ours). In order to keep your pets safe from flying sparks and sometimes harsh chemicals that make up fireworks, it’s best to keep your furry friends at home.

But keeping them home doesn’t always fix their anxiety! To keep your pet from becoming upset at the noises, make sure you keep them indoors in a safe, comfortable and familiar location.

You can also try this Confident K9 DIY Linen Spray on your pup’s bedding to help keep them calm during firework season.

This spray uses one of our brand new Pup & Pony blends! Confident K9 was specifically created to help with dogs who struggle with being alone. It promotes relaxation, supports confidence, and soothes worry so they can relax when their favorite person is away.

What you’ll need:

  • 18-36 drops of Confident K9
  • 1.5 ounces of water
  • .5 ounces of Everclear
  • Empty spray bottle

What you’ll do:

  1. Measure out water and Everclear in separate measuring cups.
  2. Mix essential oils into Everclear and then add water in slowly.
  3. Pour into an empty spray bottle.
  4. Spray dogs bed or horses linens lightly and allow to dry.

*If you do not want to use Everclear, then an emulsifier and preservative would be necessary. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Before using this linen spray, make sure you’ve properly introduced your pup to essential oils and they have a positive association with these blends. Then you know you can safely use this spray while you are away. Also, the Everclear acts as an emulsifier in this recipe. It evaporates quickly, making it safe to use around pets. Just be sure to leave time for the spray to dry before bedtime.

4. Always provide water and shade.

Woman using Pup & Pony blend with her dogEspecially if you leave your pet outdoors during the day, water and shade are sometimes the difference between health and sickness. Remember that your little fur baby has just that – a fur coat. Meaning those high temps may be even more intense for your animal.

Do your best to keep your pet cool and comfortable when you’re not home. Even if you are home, and you and your pet are out in the sun for a long period of time, make sure there’s plenty of water available to avoid dehydration. Also, get your pet into the shade as much as possible, and provide shade for them to lay in during the day.

5. Stay safe at cookouts.

Evoke your best summer ever picnic on the beachBeach picnics and backyard BBQs are a blast, but the food and drinks served can often be not-so-great for our pets. Add to that the fact that during these events food and drinks are often on the ground or within reach of little doggy legs, and you’ve got a potential recipe for trouble.

Keep your pets away from foods that might be hazardous, like alcohol, soda, grapes, onions, and of course – chocolate.

6. Don’t forget a haircut!

pup & pony essential oils for dogsIf you have a pet has a very thick or long coat, and will be outside for long periods of time, consider giving your fur baby a haircut! Just don’t cut too short, because pets can get sunburns too. One inch is a good length for hair to help your pet cool off while still avoiding sunburn.

If you want to learn even more about using essential oils and pets, check out our Pup & Pony line and pet-related section of our Plant Therapy blog!