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Summer's Almost Over, Don't Miss These DIYs!


Summer's Almost Over, Don't Miss These DIYs!

Summer is almost over, and even though it’s hard to think about sweaters while it’s still 90+ degrees outside, winter is coming!

To keep you in the summer mood a little bit longer, we’ve rounded up all the juicy, summery DIYs you might have missed from the last two months:

Orange Grove Perfume RollerballOrange Grove Perfume DIY Rollerball

Make yourself smell as fresh an a freshly-squeezed orange with this easy perfume roll-on!

Summer Dreams Body SprayDIY Summer Dreams Body Spray

Don’t just dream of summer, smell like it too! Spritz your body down with all the scents of summer to keep that glow going.

Summer Nights Body OilSummer Nights DIY Body Oil

For when your skin needs to be silky and smell divine!

Vanilla-Infused Jojoba OilVanilla Infused Jojoba Oil DIY

Vanilla infused into a deeply conditioning carrier oil. Slather this luxurious oil on dry skin for an instant boost!

Mercury Retrograde Solid PerfumeMercury Retrograde DIY Solid Perfume

Not just for when Mercury is in Retrograde! This solid perfume keeps you balanced and clear-headed all year long.

Tropical Body Scrub

Tropical DIY Body ScrubKeep your summer skin glowing with this creamy body scrub. Tropical scents and soothing coconut oil make legs the happiest they’ve ever been.

Banana Lip PolishDIY Banana Lip Polish

Polish your pucker and try not to lick off this banana-flavored sugar lip polish!

Texturizing Hair SprayDIY Texturizing Salt Hair Spray

Get beachy waves – the natural way! Natural salt texturizing hair spray makes great hair easy.

All-Natural Shaving Oil

Silky Summer Legs Shaving Oil DIY

Want a silky shave, but don’t want to buy a product packed full of chemicals? This DIY has you covered.

For a fun community of essential oil lovers, make sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group.