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The Sacral Chakra: Joyful Creation


The Sacral Chakra: Joyful Creation

Yesterday, we took a look into how the 1st chakra, also called the Root Chakra, affects our sense of security and feelings of being grounded. Now let’s move upwards from the base of our spine to the point on our lower abdomen, an inch or two under the belly button. This is where the 2nd chakra resides – the Sacral Chakra – and we can encourage balance by using aromatherapy as a powerful support for your overall wellness in this area.

Today’s focus is our Joyful Creation blend. Designed to support your sacral chakra, Joyful Creation has a lushly layered and smooth floral scent that continues to unfold as it reaches the senses. It’s created using the essential oils and extracts of Coriander Seed, Geranium Bourbon, Orange Sweet, and Jasmine Absolute.

Your sacral chakra

The sacral chakra represents your ability to experience emotional security, passion, and pleasure in creative expression and connection to others. It’s your center of passion and creative energy that propels you to enjoy doing the things you really love with joy and self-acceptance.

When all is well with your sacral chakra, we experience the healthy emotions of pleasure, gratification, intimacy, and desire. These positive feelings stimulate our sense of creativity, connection, growth, and change.

Sacral chakra color: Orange

The sacral chakra is represented by a saturated orange color. The rich orange of the second chakra is translucent and has a transparent quality.

The symbol of the sacral chakra is composed of a circle with six petals and a crescent moon.

The circle represents the elements of water. The moon crescent is colored in silver and symbolizes the connection of the energy the moon has with water. These symbols point to the close relationship between the phases of the moon and the fluctuations in the water and the emotions.

The symbol of the moon also relates to the feminine menstrual cycle that takes the same number of days to complete.

What happens when your sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance?

woman holding her stomach in discomfortWhen your sacral chakra is blocked or unbalanced, your relationship with yourself and others may become disconnected and cold. Trusting in yourself to explore your passions could be overtaken by feelings of insecurity, timidity, and guilt. You may experience attachment issues, misuse sexual energy, or cling to toxic relationships. Physically, symptoms generally occur in the regions of the lower abdomen, back, and reproductive and digestive organs. Pain in these areas, abnormal bowel movements, and impotence may result from a blocked sacral chakra.

Unblocking (or balancing) your sacral chakra:

plant therapy chakra essential oil blends joyful creationGive yourself positive affirmations, dive into your favorite creative expressions, dance like no one’s watching, and sing your heart out in the car! Unblocking the sacral chakra means unlocking your inner passions and releasing them to the world. You need to let go of negative emotional baggage, heal your unbalanced chakra and make space for positive, creative energy!

Joyful Creation supports your sacral chakra by nurturing your spontaneity, passion, and expansion in the birth of new concepts. Enliven your senses with harmony, warmth, and enthusiasm in all of your relationships – including the relationship you have with yourself.

Having a healthy sacral chakra helps to clear energetic blocks related to relationships and creative expression. Joyful Creation will help you open up this energetic area of your body.

Yoga pose for the sacral chakra:

plant therapy chakra essential oil blends joyful creationIncrease joy and creative energy by using Joyful Creation to activate the Sacral Chakra. Apply it to your lower abdomen. Breathe into the pose and repeat to yourself, “I am radiant, beautiful, strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life.”

Joyful Creation Air Purifier

To use this blend, you can add to a personal inhaler or diffuser. Putting a drop or two on a tissue and wafting it away from your nose is another fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of this blend. To apply this amazing aroma topically, dilute Joyful Creation to 1% in your favorite carrier oil. You can anoint the area of your sacral chakra, your lower abdomen, by massaging this intentionally in a clockwise direction.

Try this DIY Medley using Joyful Creation to plug into your own positive, creative, and passionate energies. Use it at home to support closeness in your relationships, at work to promote a creative space, or anywhere you want to invite a sense of joy and enthusiasm in moving forward toward transformation.

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Measure out the baking soda and add to the jar. Stir in Joyful Creation into the baking soda and combine well. Place a coffee filter on the top and screw on the lid. To support new growth and encourage warmth and closeness in relationships. Open the jar and enjoy the aroma. Shake every few days to renew the scent.

Want to learn more?

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