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Introducing: Planting Kindness!


Introducing: Planting Kindness!

2018 is behind us, and Plant Therapy is charging into 2019 with the excitement and energy that our customers have come to expect.

Many of you know that Plant Therapy is a locally owned and operated essential oil company, but you may not know how passionate we are about giving back.

Since the beginning, Plant Therapy owners and staff have placed donations, service work, and local support at the core of what we do and how we operate. Each year, we set aside a portion of the proceeds from each unit sold, to fund philanthropic local and national causes.

A quick note about 2018

Plant Therapy Planing kindnessIn 2018 Plant Therapy donated over $240,000. These donations range from little league football teams to large organization like Make a Wish and The Boys and Girls Club. Our owner, Chris Jones, is quick to say “yes!” and always eager to support causes, both near and far. Our loyal and growing customer base is who we have to thank for the growth of our donation fund each year, and we have a special announcement for 2019.

Plant Therapy was able to help over 200 Organizations thanks to YOUR SUPPORT. Here are just a few with links to their sites. We encourage you to check out their causes and support them in any way you can:

Introducing…Planting Kindness!

plant therapy planting kindnessWe are very excited and extremely proud to introduce our “Planting Kindness” program. This program is a product of all of the love and support from our amazing customers. Our Plant Therapy family of employees is beyond proud to be a part of something bigger than each one of us can be alone.

Planting Kindness will be at the heart of what we do. We have so many amazing things planned for 2019 and we can’t wait to share them with you. Plus, each full-time Plant Therapy employee is provided paid service hours, giving us the ability to make an impact to causes we care about personally as part of this mission.

Our Goals:

plant therapy planting kindnessAlong with our local and national beneficiaries, this year Plant Therapy will travel to Africa to continue a clean water project that they started in 2014. This project will provide necessary running water to villages in Liberia.

We’ll be keeping you informed and updated on the progress on all of our Planting Kindness projects here in our PT Blog. Subscribe to receive our emails to stay up to date on what we’re doing and be a part of the conversation on our social media platforms.

You can also watch our social sites (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & SEOR) for up to date information and details on how you can jump in and lend a hand if the Planting Kindness vibe motivates you as much as it does us. Follow our philanthropy by watching for our #PlantingKindness tags attached to our acts of kindness.