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Plant Therapy Back to School Survival Kits


Plant Therapy Back to School Survival Kits

While the air is still filled with the joyful sounds of summer, it's hard to believe that the back-to-school season is just around the corner. Lazy days by the pool and spontaneous adventures may currently occupy our minds, but the time has come to acknowledge the impending return to textbooks, pencils, and packed lunches. Prepare for a successful school year with the ultimate Plant Therapy Back to School Survival Kits, tailored for three different age groups. Carefully curated to ensure a smooth transition and lay the foundation for a thriving year ahead.


 Kid Friendly Back to School Survival Kit

Kid-Friendly Survival Kit:

  1. School Days Essential Oil Set: This is a must-have to start the school year off right! This set includes three blends designed to tackle the most common Back to School challenges from germs, to grumpy mornings, to improved focus.  
  2. Forest Friend Diffuser: Who can pass up this cutie? Your kids won't be able to resist, either. They'll beg you to turn this diffuser on with their favorite essential oil. 
  3. KidSafe Essential Oil Roll-ons: These convenient KidSafe roll-ons will be your go-to solutions for a wide range of needs. From soothing Tummy All Better to calming Quiet Cough, relieving Itch Away to comforting Nighty Night—these are just a few of our favorites you'll find yourself reaching for all year long.
  4. Hair Therapy for Kids: These two products will make for fewer complaints while getting ready for school in the morning. Check out our Shine & Soothe Detangler Spray tames tangles and tough tresses for manageable hair that is soft, shiny, and smooth. The Cleanse & Soothe Essential Oil Blend can be added to your child's shampoo to soften and strengthen hair. 
  5. Monster Away Pillow Spray: A great morning starts with a good night's rest. This pillow spray is made with essential oils that can help quiet busy thoughts, nervous feelings, and restlessness.
  6. Get 'Em Gone Essential Oil Blend: Keep your children free from the telltale, constant scalp-scratching we have all come to dread. This effective blend uses essential oils to clean the hair and scalp and stop the itch; plus, it's a great preventative step!


 Teen Back to School Survival Kit

Teen Survival Kit:

  1. Essential Oil Pre-diluted Roll-ons: High school can be demanding, with busy schedules and challenging coursework. Keep your teenager energized, focused, and stress-free with various roll-ons. They can throw these in their backpack and use them as needed throughout the day.  Some of our favorites include Brain Aid, Energy, Tension Relief & Blues Buster.
  2. Portable Diffuser: The understated design of this diffuser is perfect for any picky teenager. They will love to retreat to their space and diffuse their favorite oils.
  3. Teen Skin & Body Care: We've got some great options to help teens look and feel their best. These are our top recommendations:
  4. A Good Night's Rest: Stress and anxiety can often accompany the demands of high school. Help your teenager find moments of relaxation and calm with some of our favorite products for sleep and relaxation. 
College Back to School Survival Kit


College Survival Kit:

  1. Essential Oils & Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers: College life can be overwhelming, juggling classes, projects, and social activities. Sometimes, taking a few minutes to recenter and get back on track is necessary. Using a personal aromatherapy inhaler can come in clutch during those times. Add any of your favorite essential oils to the wick and throw them in your bag to have on hand when you need them. From Invigor Aid to Self Esteem to Chill Out to Sleep Tight - you'll have your arsenal of essentials ready to go.
  2. Passive Diffuser or Mini Portable Diffuser: Sharing a dorm room doesn't mean you have to share everything. A passive diffuser allows you to get the benefits of essential oils in a smaller space. Put one of these cute diffusers on your desk and enjoy! The Mini Portable Diffuser is also ideal for small spaces or taking on the go.
  3. Shower Caddy Prep: Gather your supplies and take your self-care routine to the next level with these swoon-worthy products! 
We hope this helps as you prepare for the upcoming school year. Feel free to share your back-to-school necessities in the comments.