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Our Steps Toward Sustainability


Our Steps Toward Sustainability

At Plant Therapy, we are all about finding natural solutions to everyday living needs. Why? Because like you, we love the incredible benefits that come from Mother Nature’s precious botanical treasures. These plants offer us so much, which is why we want to do our part to help contribute to a healthier, happier planet for generations to come. As a company that produces and distributes thousands of products around the globe, we know that it is critical for us to do our part when it comes to being eco-conscious. 

“Plant Therapy wants to be a part of the solution for our environmental challenges and promises to challenge every decision to eliminate waste while empowering our customers to make sustainable, lower waste decisions. We plan to take actionable steps to eliminate single-use plastics and will continue to challenge ourselves to impact more forever. We want to invite you to join us on our journey.”  -Chris, Paul, Retha 

Let’s take a look at the progress we’ve made over the last couple of years to move in a more sustainable direction!

Saying Goodbye to Unnecessary Plastic

The more we reuse what we already have, the less we offer up to landfills. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to cutting down on the single-use products we regularly go through. That is why we decided to offer our 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls, which can be an easy natural-living switch to make! Often made of polyester (a kind of plastic) and heavily fragranced, dryer sheets are designed to be used just once and then tossed, quickly filling up landfills and unable to break down. Ditch these sneaky environmental hazards when you switch to our dryer balls, which you can even naturally scent with our Laundry Essential Oil Blends! That way you can enjoy scented clothes without having to throw away dryer sheets that are infused with phthalates and other synthetic fragrance ingredients.

We are also making strides toward using less plastic packaging in some of our most popular products. We now offer our 4 ounce Carrier Oil Blends in glass bottles, which not only means less plastic, but can be reusable if you desire. Our amazing Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrates are also completely free of plastic packaging. Plus, creating a concentrate means that we aren’t having to ship the water used to dilute the cleaner, resulting in a lighter, smaller shipment with less transportation energy spent on getting these products from us to you.

And have you seen our new Lip Balms? Now in eco-friendly cardboard tubes, these lip balms are looking ahead to a future with less plastic! We are proud of this change we made and it really took the whole team to make it happen. From making sure to source the perfect tube to developing procedures in-house to lovingly hand-pour each one, our lip balms give customers another easy way to say goodbye to unnecessary plastic.

It’s not just our products that got an environmentally-friendly makeover; we also said goodbye to our plastic mailers, bubble wrap, and bubble bags. Your order is now shipped in sustainable paper mailers with paper packing filler and cardboard tuck boxes. 

Searching for Innovative Changes

We are always on the lookout for new, innovative technology that supports our eco-friendly initiative. That was the driving force behind our newly upgraded natural deodorant packaging, launching in June!

They may look and function the same as before, but these new containers are Eco Smart®. They include proprietary technology with an organic additive that helps plastic components to break down in a matter of days, not decades, in biologically active environments, like landfills and marine environments. This additive encourages microbes to penetrate the plastic and break down the chemical bonds of the plastic. This breakdown process has been tested to ASTM D551 (municipal landfill) and ASTM D6691 (marine) protocols and has shown excellent biodegradation rates. It’s an earth-conscience sustainability solution that is fully FDA-compliant and made in the USA. 

By adopting eco-friendly practices at Plant Therapy, we help to ensure the sustainability of natural resources, minimize harm to the environment, and have the opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Through this, we hope to inspire individuals to participate in environmentally-friendly behaviors in their daily lives. We look forward to continuing our sustainability journey!