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Our Oil of the Month Club Has a New Look


Our Oil of the Month Club Has a New Look

Our Oil of the Month Club has a new look! If you’ve been subscribed for a while, you’ve probably noticed those sleek new boxes arriving in your mailbox. It is such a treat discovering exotic oils or creating new blends to send to you every month, so we created gorgeous new packaging to match. Let’s take a look at what makes the new packaging so special.

Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club Unboxing

Unboxing the Beauty

Beautiful oils deserve a beautiful package! Instead of using the same packaging that we use for all of our oils, we wanted to create a unique monthly experience. We know that so many of our customers enjoy the surprise that comes with each month’s package. The attractive sleeve and box give you that little something extra as you peer inside to see your next oily surprise.

More Sustainable

In addition to creating a beautiful new box, we also wanted to create a sustainable box. Both the sleeve and the insert are immediately recyclable. The boxes can also be recycled once the magnets are removed. Or better yet, reuse them! They’re ideal for organizing your essential oils, storing knick-knacks, or getting crafty with the kiddos.

Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club Journaling

Keeping the Education

What good are new oils if you don’t know how to use them? The product sheets included with your package also got a makeover! The new insert fits snugly inside the box and contains all of the same educational information. Now, we understand that some of you miss the old full-size product sheets. Not to worry! There are options available so you can have the product sheet in your essential oil binder.

Filling out a blank product sheet

Print a Product Sheet

If you love having the same-sized paper for all of your oils, you’re in luck! Now you can print off a blank product sheet, fill out all the important information, and add it to your binder. You can even add your personal impressions and DIYs to the sheet.

Printing off education insert

Print the Insert

We include a printable PDF in each month’s Oil of the Month Club blog post. And for those of you who love the full-size format, you can find printable sheets for our Oils of the Month here.

Adding education insert to protective sleeve

Use a Sleeve Protector

Protective sleeves for your binder also make a wonderful choice. They allow you to see both sides of your product sheets and inserts. Plus there’s room for more than one insert in each sleeve.

It was a delight creating something fun and beautiful for our monthly subscribers. We hope you love the new look as much as we do.