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Our 4 Ways to use Allspice Essential Oil


Our 4 Ways to use Allspice Essential Oil

If you love the warm, comforting aroma of spices, then Allspice will be right up your alley! But I’m sure you could have probably guessed that from the name alone. Also called Pimento Berries and Jamaica Pepper, Allspice is native to the Caribbean and Central America.

Allspice essential oil from plant therapy

Allspice Essential Oil is steam distilled from the berries of an evergreen tree with fragrant bark, twigs, leaves, and white flowers. The berries are harvested when they turn green, dried in the sun for a week or two, then crushed and distilled . What results is a pale liquid with a sweet and spicy scent, reminiscent of clove and cinnamon.

Allspice tree leaves

Let’s take a look at our top four ways you can get the most out of this spicy selection!

Aches and Pains

woman experiencing aches and pains in bed

Most notably, this essential oil is extremely warming and helps reduce discomfort. If you’re looking for an oil to include in a blend addressing muscle aches or stiff joints, Allspice might just be the perfect addition! It is known to quickly stimulate circulation and increase blood flow to the areas it is applied topically .

To help with occasional muscle aches and pains such as after a strenuous workout, add 1 drop each of Allspice, Clove, and Peppermint to two tablespoons of carrier oil and gently massage onto the areas of concern. These are powerful oils, so we recommend using them on small, specific areas of the body, rather than all over. You can also use Allspice alone, but please adhere to our maximum dilution recommendation of 0.3%.

Digestive Upset

Like many spicy oils, Allspice can be a wonderful aid when your stomach isn’t feeling quite right. Whether you’re experiencing nausea, cramps, gas, or indigestion, reach for Allspice. It can be helpful when dealing with a wide range of stomach issues. Its carminative properties help to relax spasms in the intestinal tract , which helps everything move along smoothly!

We recommend that you use it topically for this concern. Keeping the very low dilution recommendation in mind, you’ll only need a single drop of Allspice to a tablespoon of your favorite carrier oil. Simply massage it in a clockwise fashion on your stomach to encourage some relief. Or add 1 drop of Allspice and 2 drops of Ginger Root CO2 to a tablespoon of carrier oil and apply in a similar way.

Protect Against Seasonal Illness

Allspice is wonderful to diffuse when you’re experiencing some under-the-weather symptoms. It helps support the body’s natural immune system, encouraging a stronger, healthier you! Whether you’re suffering from coughs, chills, or the muscle aches often associated with sickness, Allspice offers assistance .

When you’re in need of an immune boost, try this diffuser blend: Add 1 drop each of Allspice and Cinnamon Leaf, with 3 drops of Sweet Orange to help support the body’s natural immune system.

Year-Round Holiday Atmosphere

Woman relaxing at home

Take a whiff out of a bottle of Allspice and you might be instantly thrown back into the holiday season! This essential oil is popularly used throughout that time of year and can bring about those warm fuzzy feeling associated with memorable family events and opening presents by the fireplace!

To evoke this kind of environment, diffuse or use in passive diffusion (link to allspice video).

Some more info about Allspice:

Allspice essential oil from plant therapy

If you have any questions about Allspice Essential Oil, make sure to reach out to our awesome team of aromatherapists at aromatherapists@planttherapy.com.

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