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Natural Tips & Gifts for Easter


Natural Tips & Gifts for Easter

On top of arranging plans and activities to enjoy during Easter, the thought of putting together gifts and baskets can be stressful. We’ve got you covered this Easter so you’ll be able to enjoy making happy memories with your family. We put together these natural tips to incorporate into your Easter activities and some fun gift ideas to make your Easter “egg-stra” special!

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

Speaking of eggs, a tradition carried by many families alike, dying and decorating eggs is a fun way to get creative with the kids. More so, it is very much possible to dye eggs using natural ingredients that will be safe for you and your children to work with.

Making natural dye for your Easter eggs may be easier than you think. Instead of using store-bought dye, you can still get amazing colors from natural coloring and dyes, created from food that might possibly be lying around in your kitchen. For example, 1 cup of blueberries can create a light blue hue to your eggs, or 2 cups of spinach can help create green dye.

First, boil your eggs or hollow them. Then, prepare the natural dye baths. The longer the food simmers in the bath, the deeper the color. For every cup of colored liquid, be sure to add 2 teaspoons of vinegar. To learn more about other ingredients you can use for a variety of different colors, check out our post.

Little boy holding AromaPlush accompanied by easter eggs

Easter Baskets

Plastic is a thing of the past. While it’s easy to grab a plastic, throw-away basket at the store, it creates more waste in our landfills. Instead, invest in baskets that can be reusable time and time again. Wicker, rattan or straw baskets are great alternatives. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition, you can also save a few bucks and be eco-conscious by finding woven baskets at thrift stores.

While we’re on the topic of plastic, now is the time to ditch the plastic “grass” that sits at the bottom of baskets, made to fill up extra space. To eliminate our footprints in producing more waste, there are plenty of alternatives we can use that aren’t harmful to the environment. Choose eco-friendly options like recycled shredded wrapping paper, newspaper or tissue paper that is also biodegradable. In addition, you can use peanuts or fake moss, found at many craft stores.

Furthermore, you can skip the traditional basket and try placing your gifts in something different such as tote bags. It is a gift in itself as your friends and family can use their gifted tote bag all year long.

Plant Therapy's AromaPlush with KidSafe oils

AromaPlush and KidSafe Essential Oils

There are a variety of gifts you can include in your Easter basket this year. Skip on the candy and consider filling your baskets with an AromaPlush. Our AromaPlush animals are just the thing to have your kids feeling excited about their Easter baskets. Not only are these plush toys super adorable and snuggable, what makes them special is the cartridge inside that allows you to apply any KidSafe essential oil or blend. Once snuggled up to their AromaPlush friend, your kids will also be able to enjoy the subtle aromas of any essential oil from our KidSafe line.

Our AromaPlush furry friends, Birch Bear, Briar Bunny, and Flora Fox also come with 5 replaceable scent pads as well as our KidSafe blend, Woodland Retreat, which boasts a sweet, bright, woodsy aroma that helps promote a calming feeling. While this does include one of our KidSafe blends, there are plenty of other blends and essential oils that are safe to diffuse around children. Check out our KidSafe chart for an entire list of essential oils and blends that you can use for your children.

Bath Bomb with squishy toy surprise

Bath Bombs

Another great gift that is sure to get your kids excited about bath time are our extra large Bath Bombs. Our bath bombs are made with naturally derived ingredients that are carefully formulated to leave skin feeling soft and hydrated. The addition of essential oils and natural fragrances is just what you need to get that extra benefit to help your kids stay calm at the end of the day.

Even more so, the fun part about our Bath Bombs is the 3 minutes of fizzy, colorful action that gently disperses throughout your bath water. These Bath Bombs are a great gift for kids and adults alike.

What are your special Easter traditions? Let us know in the comments below!