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Natural Nail Polish Remover & Other Tips for Flawless Nails


Natural Nail Polish Remover & Other Tips for Flawless Nails

There’s no better feeling than a new manicure. As much as we love a fresh polish or two, maintaining healthy nails is just as important. What’s even better? You don’t have to visit a salon to achieve gorgeous nails! There are effective ways to manage great manicure hygiene without the harsh chemicals from some nail products. Using natural nail polish or a natural nail polish remover are just some of the things you can incorporate into your manicure routine.

Strengthening Your Nails

We know that nail strength and growth can stem from a healthy and clean diet. But often overlooked, a quite simple way to make sure your nails are strong and healthy is to moisturize them. Applying hand cream can actually give your nails the attention it deserves to help prevent brittle, dry nails. In addition, when your cuticles get dry, it might affect the way your nails grow. Your cuticles function as a protection to your nails from bacteria. As a result, moisturizing your cuticles with Age Defying Hand Creams and oils, such as Jojoba Carrier Oil, can help it continue to protect and strengthen your nails. Of course, you can also create your own DIY cuticle balm when easy on-the-go when your cuticles need extra love.

Some habits are hard to break. Yes, we’re talking to the nail biters out there. Regardless of how hard it is, you might want to kick this habit to the curb. Biting your nails or picking at hangnails can lead to painful consequences. Not to mention, biting them can expose your body to the dirt and germs that have been sitting underneath your fingernails, which puts you at higher risk of getting sick. Breaking this habit will take some time. But one way to help control it is to paint your nails as the bitter taste will make you rethink going in to bite them again.

Using easy dispense cap of Plant Therapy's Natural Nail Polish Remover

Natural Nail Polishes

There are many brands out there that have created nail polishes and lacquer that are free of these chemicals. Ingredients like certain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and camphor can potentially be harmful to our bodies if we are using it too often. Even though they are often not long-lasting, water-based nail polish formulas are great alternatives for your nails as well. When you’re searching for a brand that carries natural nail polish, look for polish or lacquer that are 7-free, 10-free and up. The higher the number, the more natural the polish is.

So, you’ve chosen your favorite shade of natural nail polish and you’re ready to start your DIY manicure. The first step is to lay on a base coat before applying colored nail polish. This is an important part as it adds a layer of protection that can help prevent your nails from getting stained or discolored. Next, apply a few coats of your desired shade. After the polish has dried, apply a top coat to your nails to add shine and make your manicure last longer.

Removing polish with Tropical Flower Natural Nail Polish Remover

Natural Nail Polish Remover

When it’s time for a new manicure, grab a nail polish remover that will remove the polish or lacquer without over-drying it. Many nail polish removers contain acetone, which is a harsh ingredient that can dry your nail bed, cuticles, and surrounding skin. Luckily, we have created our Tropical Flower Natural Nail Polish Remover that utilizes plant-derived ingredients to gently and effortlessly remove nail polish without the severe consequences of acetone. Plus, the subtle, sweet, floral aroma is made with natural fragrances!

What’s Inside Our Nail Polish Remover

  • Methyl Acetate: A solvent used to remove nail polish and nail lacquers.
  • Isopropyl Myristate: A moisturizer used in cosmetics and other topical products.
  • Natural Fragrance: made of natural fragrances to give you the subtle, sweet, and floral aroma of Tropical Flower.

The next time you pamper yourself with a DIY manicure, try incorporating these tips into your routine. Adding more nail treatments and switching to non-toxic nail polishes and remover can help you achieve a natural lifestyle while sporting a clean, fresh manicure.