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Mother's Day Quiz: Find the Perfect Gift for Every Mom


Mother's Day Quiz: Find the Perfect Gift for Every Mom

Still searching for the perfect Mother’s Gift? Or maybe you’re just hoping to get a head start and not let it sneak up on you this year (hey, it happens to the best of us). Well, have we got a quiz for you! Get your pen and pad ready as we find out what to get your mom (or aunt or grandma) that shows her just how much you love and appreciate her.

How often does your mom use essential oils?

A. She’s a newbie! Never tried it, but certainly open to it.
B. She’s got all the basics but hasn’t branched out from there.
C. She’s a seasoned user who loves building her collection
D. She’s a pro. Her catchphrase is probably something like “I’ve got an oil for that!”

On a typical Saturday, where are you most likely to find your mom?

A. Hiking… or camping… or really anything outdoors.
B. Shopping! Obviously.
C. In her craft room.
D. Tending to her garden. What’s a woman to do without fresh veggies?

How comfortable is your mom with DIY projects?

A. She’ll give it a go. It might end up looking like something from the show Nailed It, but she’ll have fun anyways.
B. Not at all. She’d rather buy something ready to go so she can spend her time doing something else.
C. She’s practically a professional! You name it, she’s made it.
D. She prefers them actually. It’s the only way to keep things natural, after all.

How would you describe your mom’s signature scent?

A. Spicy and bold
B. Soft and woodsy
C. Sweet and Floral
D. Juicy and Citrusy

What’s your mom’s favorite way to pamper herself?

A. Dinner at that new restaurant. A night out is the only way to go.
B. Spa day! A good mani/pedi can make everything better.
C. A trip to the craft store. A good yarn stash or paint selection is just what the doctor ordered.
D. A trip to the Farmer’s Market. There’s nothing better than supporting local businesses and sampling lots of homemade goodies.

When you ask, what does your mom say she wants for Mother’s Day?

A. Exotic spices to go with that new cookbook.
B. Gift cards for her favorite store. What else!?
C. A tool kit, so she can fix all the things.
D. Seeds, potted plants, or anything pretty for her garden.

What’s the last thing your mom binged on Netflix?

A. Grace and Frankie
B. Selling Sunset
C. Nailed It
D. Our Planet. Documentaries are the best!

And now for the results…

Mostly As: The Adventurous Mom

Plant Therapy NovaFuse diffuser on a table

Your mom is always ready to try something new, whether it’s the latest fusion restaurant, that new hiking trail or the latest essential oil trend. She hasn’t started her oily journey… yet. It’s time to introduce her to the best the essential oil world has to offer with the Essential Gift Set with the Novafuse Diffuser. It includes six of the most popular and versatile essential oils, along with a sleek and stylish diffuser.

Mostly Bs: The Glam Mom

Plant Therapy Evoke natural scent

It’s official: your mom is one classy lady. She appreciates fashion and the latest trends and she’s not afraid to take risks. Somehow she manages to look put-together no matter where she goes. This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of natural fragrance. Our new line of Evoke fragrances are complex, unique aromas derived from essential oils. We have two sets: Celebrate and Thrive, each with three amazing scents. They can be diffused for a unique home fragrance or used in body products like lotions and butters.

Mostly Cs: The Do It Yourself Mom

Mother's Day Do it yourself mom gift guideHGTV is pretty much your mom’s favorite. She’s all about trying to do something herself instead of hiring a professional. She practically lives at Home Depot or Michaels. And she’s tried her hand a few essential oil DIYs too. Our Girl, Just Relax set would be perfect for her! She can use these new essential oil blends in her favorite DIYs or diffuse them after a long hard day of crafting and creating.

Mostly Ds: The Natural Living Mom

Hello Spring watercolor background

Let’s face it, your mom probably had essential oils before everyone else did. She’s all about using natural methods to enhance her life. She cares about the planet and probably tries to live as green as possible. On weekends, she’s probably tending her vegetable and herb garden. What would better than the Hello Spring Set? It comes with three new essential oils blends that are sure to remind her of nature and everything she loves about the great outdoors.

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