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How We Use Our Healing Balm


How We Use Our Healing Balm

Our Healing Balm is The Bomb. (Like, literally, it’s now part of our Balm Squad!)

It’s nourishing, so soft and silky, and the perfect PT product to save your skin! Dry? Say goodbye. Itchy and flaky? Gone. Irritated? Not anymore.

We don’t like to brag….but…when you have something as amazing as the Original Organic Healing Balm, it’s hard not to! Our PT family is full of healing balm lovers and we want to share that love with you guys. Here’s some of the reason we think it’s a must-have and how we use it ourselves.

Mykeah Kranzler, Director of Marketing

child with cream on her itchy armI could go on and on about our healing balm! It was one of the first products I used from Plant Therapy when I joined, and I think I went through my first jar in a month! I use it on my hands, my feet, my elbows…it truly nourishes and moisturizes like nothing else. But more than that, it has been so good for my 6-year-old daughter and her issues with Eczema. She struggles with flare-ups on her arms and legs, and the only thing that gives her relief is Healing Balm. It has significantly reduced her skin issues and that has been so amazing.

Mykeah is the creative genius behind all the fun we have here in the PT Marketing Department!

Jamie Chaffin, Marketing Project Manager

The original organic healing balm plant therapyIf you have the bad habit of picking at your cuticles like I do, then Healing Balm is your hero!

You might not have heard of Jamie, but trust me she keeps the Marketing Department here at Plant Therapy running smoothly!

Jessica Cobb, Content Manager & Certified Aromatherapist

A woman holding the ends of her hairHealing Balm, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. Taming frizzy hair: Rub a little Organic Healing Balm between your hands and smooth over your hair to prevent flyaways! The Balm soaks into your hair without leaving it feeling greasy and keeps frizz tamed all day. (I even got our Marketing Project Manager, Jamie Chaffin, started on doing this!)
  2. For Eczema: My youngest has very sensitive skin and serious issues with Eczema in this dry climate! Organic Healing Balm (and Better Than Kisses from our Balm Squad) are basically all I ever use on his skin. It really helps clear up his “itchy spots” and he loves that he can put it on all by himself!
  3. Cuticle repair: Jamie mentioned this above, but if you pick your cuticles (like me), our Organic Healing Balm is the BEST product to help them heal and soothe dryness.
  4. As a facial moisturizer: I replaced my very, very expensive Philosophy facial serum with straight-up Healing Balm. My skin approves of this swap.

There are so many more! But I think my awesome co-workers have got it covered.

Retha Nesmith, VP of Customer Experience & Certified Aromatherapist

The healing balm is perfect for kid owiesI use it for diaper rash, eczema, dry skin, and when my kiddos have owies 🙂

I mean…do we even need to introduce Retha? We all love her! She’s the face and voice of the PT brand!

Danny Loughmiller, Marketing Associate/Video Production

Itchy feet on shoesHealing Balm is so versatile! A little goes a long way. We use it for dry cracked feet, overworked hands, and sore toddler bottoms. It is a great base for Respir Aid and Sniffle Stopper during the cold season. We put a dab of Healing Balm in our hand and mix in 1-2 drops of Sniffle Stopper and apply it to our toddler’s chest when they are congested. It works great! We love it and it is a must in our home.

P.S. You may know Danny as being the man behind the camera during our Facebook Lives!

Katrina Scampini, Certified Aromatherapist & Content Writer

Women's feet soaking up the beach sun

Sunburns, sunburns, sunburns! There’s really nothing better for pasty white skin trying to make its debut after a dreary winter. It helps soothe the hot discomfort and my skin recovers so quickly! Plus, the Healing Balm doesn’t break my sensitive skin out so I can use it when my face gets too much sun without having to worry about a new zit taking up residence. And I definitely cannot say that about a ton of products!

You guys know Katrina…keep an eye out for her on our Facebook Live videos and be sure to tell her you read her blog posts!

Tyler Hagan, Certified Aromatherapist & SEOR Admin

I use the healing balm in my house every day. One of my favorite ways to use our Organic Healing Balm is to moisturize and hydrate dry, cracked elbows. I also use it to ensure my little guy’s skin is nice and healthy from head to toe!

Want to hear more from Tyler? He’s the voice and face of Plant Therapy over on our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook Group!

So, how do YOU use the Original Organic Healing Balm? We would love to know! And make sure to head over to our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group for more inspiration and information from our wonderful community!