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How to Eat Healthy with Essential Oils


How to Eat Healthy with Essential Oils

Eating too much sugary, salty, carby, junk food is a sure-fire way to derail any resolutions you may have about eating healthy this year! While resisting all that goodness takes a ton of self-control, there are some essential oils that can help you stick with your goal. And no, we are not implying that you add essential oils to your food; however, inhaling certain scents can really help to curb your junk food cravings.

How to eat healthy with essential oils resolution eat healthier

But how in the world does that work?

lady choosing to eat healthy food over junk food

Well, scent plays a huge role in our hunger cues. When we use essential oils, inhalation is the single most effective way to receive their benefits. When aromas reach the olfactory bulb, they not only trigger the limbic system (emotional center), but it triggers your hypothalamus, too, which is the portion of your brain connected to satiety. Odor molecules actually inform your brain that you have eaten enough and you are full. Basically, it is not only our stomach that dictates our hunger!

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Eating salad and healthy food

But now let’s get to the oils you need to help you eat more healthy food, more often. These bright and sweet suggestions can help trick your brain into thinking you’ve already satisfied your sweet tooth, which can help reduce junk food cravings! Some can also reduce feelings of worry, exhaustion, and nervous tension, making it less likely to give into stress-eating.

Orange Sweet

plant therapy orange sweet essential oil to help eat healthier

The sweet aroma of Orange Sweet can help deter sugary cravings. It is also known to reduce stress, which can lead to snacking.

Peru Balsam

Stave off sugary cravings with this sweet vanilla-like aroma. It can also calm nervous tension, which can help prevent nervous eating habits.

Lemon Tea Tree

lemon tea tree essential oil for helping to eat healthier

Known to brighten sour moods, this tart, and refreshing smelling essential oil can help reduce cravings for sweet foods.


Bright, uplifting, zesty, and tart, the aroma of Yuzu can give your brain the burst of yumminess it needs to think of something other than junk food. Plus, it can help reduce feelings of worry and tension, which is great to avoid stress snacking.

Fennel Sweet

Known for its divisive licorice-like aroma, Fennel Sweet is an amazing essential oil for digestive health. And since a healthy gut helps you feel good in all kinds of ways, it may absolutely keep you motivated toward your healthy eating goals! It also helps provide some relief to uncomfortable tummy issues, such as gas and bloating.

hand holding doughnut and apple, choosing between healthy food and junk food