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Himalayan Salt Inhalers: Demystified!


Himalayan Salt Inhalers: Demystified!
Plant Therapy’s Himalayan Salt Inhaler is an all-natural salt air therapy.

You may have heard about the many benefits of Himalayan salt floating around the internet recently. Advocates of Himalayan salt have stated that the delicious mineral has many health benefits. Not just for food, but also when inhaled through a Himalayan salt inhaler.

They cite Himalayan salt as the holistic cure for asthma and hay fever, as well as a variety of other lung diseases.

But are they all true?

Here at Plant Therapy, we want to clear up the confusion so you can make the best natural health choice! That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list –

4 Ways Himalayan Salt Inhalers Are Beneficial to Your Health

1. Brings down inflammation.
As you breathe through a Himalayan salt inhaler, moisture present in the air you breathe gathers microscopic particles of Himalayan salt from the inhaler, bringing down inflammation by moistening mucus membranes in your lungs. It may not cure asthma, but it brings real relief to people with difficulty breathing deeply due to slight respiratory challenges!

2. It’s antibacterial.
Throughout the 18th century, Polish salt miners were documented as having noticeably better immune systems than the rest of their families. They claimed this was connected to the fact that the miners were inhaling the salt-rich air of the mines all day.

3. Promotes better sleep.
If you have trouble sleeping because of seasonal threats, using a salt inhaler may allow you to get the restful sleep you’re craving. This is because it naturally balances out your body’s histamine response.

4. A natural stress reliever.
If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know the peaceful feeling you get after just ten minutes of breathing that ocean air. That’s because of the high salt content in ocean air. Himalayan salt inhalers reproduce that effect without the vacation costs!

Unfortunately, many Himalayan Salt Inhalers tend to be highly expensive and cheaply made.

However, the Plant Therapy Himalayan Salt Inhaler is made with high-quality materials and includes 4 oz. of pure, all-natural Himalayan salt of the highest quality and food grade available, mined straight from Himalayan salt mines!