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Hello Morning: Essential Oils to Help Start Your Day Right


Hello Morning: Essential Oils to Help Start Your Day Right

Mornings can be brutal. Mornings with kids? Forget about it, it’s game over. Mornings with kids are jam-packed with chores like making breakfast, making lunches, getting them dressed and ready for school. But none of these things top the biggest task of all… actually getting them out of bed! Never fear, though. We are going to dive down into the BEST essential oils to get your kids up and at ‘em and ready to face whatever the day has to offer.

Lemons on a blue background

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is a must-have essential oil in any home user’s toolbox, especially when it comes to energizing and uplifting. This powerful essential oil boasts a bright, fresh, and zesty aroma that is sure to fill your whole family up with happiness and cheer. It’s invigorating to the senses, which makes it the perfect choice for the early morning dreary. Throw it in the diffuser and get on your way.

grapefruit pink essential oil

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Pink Grapefruit, much like Lemon, is an excellent choice for the morning. It’s bright, uplifting, and is sure to energize your entire family. With its sweet and juicy aroma, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is the perfect addition to any morning routine to ensure you’re fully awake and you are ready to shine.

Hello Sunshine KidSafe Essential Oil Blend

Hello Morning

While single essential oils are a great place to start, sometimes you need a blend that has it all. So say aloha to our newest and greatest KidSafe essential oil blend: Hello Morning! It is no surprise to any parent that children occasionally need a little help waking up and getting ready in the morning. Let’s be real, we all do! Hello Morning is just what you need to help brighten up the day and leave the whole family energized.

Hello Morning starts with bright and refreshing Grapefruit to help lighten fatigue and moodiness. It’s followed by Black Pepper, which offers its stimulating benefits. Balsam Fir, Sweet Orange, and Juniper Berry all bring their uplifting and calming properties to this fantastic blend. Finally, Cedarwood promotes a positive, calm atmosphere while Sandalwood soothes emotions. The result is a bright, citrus, woodsy blend that will help you and your family start your day right with a happy, positive mood. What more do you need?

For those of you who like to diffuse, try diffusing 2-3 drops of essential oil per 100 mL of water. Hello Morning works excellently in a personal inhaler. All you need to do is place 15 drops of Hello Morning on your cotton wick and snap the inhaler shut. Inhale whenever you or your child needs that extra oomph. If topical application is more your style, Hello Morning can be diluted to 2-3% in a carrier oil of your choice depending on what you need.

Hello Sunshine KidSafe Essential Oil Blend

Hello Morning Coloring Page

We made a fun little extra something for the kiddos! Well, adults can totally enjoy it too. Our Hello Morning Coloring Page can be printed off at home as many times as you want and colored-in however you want. What are you waiting for? Get coloring!