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Essentials Video: Cardamom Turk-Ease Tummy Tamer DIY


Essentials Video: Cardamom Turk-Ease Tummy Tamer DIY

We can all agree that an upset stomach, nausea, or motion-sickness are uncomfortable and un-fun sensations that can quickly put a damper on any day. There are some amazing essential oils like Peppermint and Ginger that can help with stomach issues. Now you can add another oil to your list: Cardamom!

This sweet, green and spicy oil is exceptional for helping soothe the stomach and ease nausea. Whether you over-indulged at a holiday party or have a fun road-trip planned, this Cardamom Turk-Ease Tummy Tamer can help. Gather up your favorite carrier oil, a one-ounce bottle and your essential oils for this simple DIY.

Essentials Video: Cardamom Turk-Ease Tummy Tamer DIY

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Cardamom Turk-Ease Tummy Tamer

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Add essential oils to the 1-ounce bottle and fill the rest with your carrier oil of choice. Massage onto the stomach in a clockwise manner to aid with digestion and ease an upset stomach.

KidSafe: No

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