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Essential Oils for Romance


Essential Oils for Romance

You know what time of year it is—Romance Time! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, right now is the best time to talk about how essential oils can help you and your partner have a magical, romantic evening together.

Hands holding in the background, red rose in the foreground

Scents can play a powerful role when you are intentionally working to set a positive and passionate atmosphere. Whether you diffuse, apply as a personal fragrance, use in a sensual bath or massage blend, keep these essential oils in mind to achieve that sexy, feel-good ambiance you want!

Rose Absolute & Otto

Woman smelling a bouquet of red roses in a flower field

One of the most famous and recognizable symbols of love, the rose, is the perfect start to this list! No matter what Rose choice you can manage (the Absolute, Otto, or Otto 10%), this wonderfully soothing and relaxing aroma is sure to enhance your romance plans.

Enjoy a lovely bath by adding 2 drops of Rose Absolute and 3 drops of Sandalwood Australian to 2 tablespoons of unscented body wash with half a cup of Epsom salt.

Ylang Ylang Complete & Extra

It’s hard to get in the mood for romance when you’re dealing with day to day worry and stress piling up in your mind. Thankfully, we can turn to Ylang Ylang whose cheerful and exotic scent can take us out of the doom and gloom and into a sunny and positive mindset. This popular aphrodisiac works great as an addition to bath and massage blends. Make sure to dilute it in a carrier oil and remember—just a little bit of this oil is needed to go a long way. It is incredibly intense and can overpower softer smelling essential oils very easily.

Learn more about Ylang Ylang at Our 4 Favorite Ways to use Ylang Ylang.

Sandalwood Australian & Indian

Man and woman sitting outside holding hands

This classic, soft, woodsy aroma is often cherished by both men and women. It helps to relax the mind and body, making it the perfect choice for an intimate evening. It can perk up your spirits while clearing the mind. So let go of any negative emotions holding you back and help yourself fully commit to the special moment with Sandalwood.

Get to know Sandalwood a little better! Check out our 8 Ideas for Using Sandalwood Essential Oil.

Jasmine Absolute

Clear essential oil bottle next to a jasmine flower and candle

This famously recognizable aphrodisiac increases feelings of romance and desire. Jasmine Absolute can uplift the mood by helping to ease away feelings of tension and stress. It is also known to help bolster feelings of self-confidence. And when you feel happy and confident, that sexy, sensual woman can shine through!

Time for a romantic bath! Mix one drop each of Jasmine Absolute, Sandalwood Indian, and Orange Sweet in a tablespoon of unscented body wash or bubble bath. The pour under warm running water and enjoy.

Interested in learning a beautiful perfume DIY using Jasmine? Our Jasmine Spotlight blog includes this, along with lots of great information!


Young man and woman hugging with red heart decorations and lights around

Made specifically to set that perfect mood for couples, our Sensual blend is the perfect oil to reconnect with your partner and reignite the love spark!

Diffuse or use in a massage (diluted in a carrier oil) to promote togetherness and add some romance. The romantic qualities of Sensual will awaken passions with its exotic blend of floral and woody aromas.

Is this a definitive list of all essential oils that can spark romance? Of course not! Depending on you and your partner’s personal preferences, this list is very flexible. You may not enjoy floral oils so much and instead choose citrusy or even spicy oils instead. And that is A-OK! Check out this aphrodisiac linen spray to see how many essential oils can come together to make something truly sensual:

Aphrodisiac Linen Spray Plant Therapy

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By Katrina Scampini, Certified Aromatherapist