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Essential Oils and their Companion Crystals


Essential Oils and their Companion Crystals

Are you fond of crystals and oils? Do you wonder what combinations would benefit you? Here are some of our recommendations!

We have provided four wonderful essential oil and crystal combinations and a DIY recipe for you below. These include both Kidsafe and none Kidsafe options!

Palo Santo with Tigers Eye – For Calming/Overwhelmed (Not Kidsafe)

Palo Santo originated in South America and has been used for its healing and cleansing properties. It is also often used to ward off negative energy and invoke a sense of tranquility.

Tiger Eye is a personal favorite of mine! It works to balance the soul while restoring confidence. Tiger’s Eye is also believed to bring protection against negative energy and strengthen self-esteem and self-worth.

As both of these work to bring inner quietness, I use this combination when I am feeling worried or overwhelmed. I normally select to diffuse this passively; this way the scent is softer. I use our passive poppy or sunflower diffuser for this combination. While this is diffusing, I normally hold the tiger eye stone and take 3-5 minutes and meditate.

Here are some other wonderful benefits of Palo Santo!

  • Alleviates feeling of worry
  • Supports respiratory concerns
  • Spiritually uplifting
  • Wards off negative energy
  • Calming

You can check out all of our beautiful diffusers here.

To learn more about our Palo Santo’s uses and benefits check out our blog!

Atlas Cedarwood with Red Jasper – For Grounding/Motivation (Kidsafe!)

Atlas Cedarwood is well known for its grounding properties. If you are currently dealing with chaotic times, this is a great essential oil to help calm emotions. It is also a great addition to diffuser blends, as it brings a woody aroma with subtle undertones.

Red Jasper is a wonderful stone for grounding, focus, and strength. It can also help with endurance and nurturing, which means it works to give you energy and motivation. As a grounding gem, Red Jasper also brings balance both physically and emotionally.

I love using this combination first thing in the morning by holding the stone and taking several deep breaths. This helps me to remain calm, and clear-headed while becoming motivated so I can face my day!

Here are some other helpful benefits of Atlas Cedarwood!

  • Rich, woody scent
  • Creates a positive calming atmosphere
  • Supports healthy flake-free hair
  • Boost romantic feelings
  • Outdoor pest repeller
  • Supports respiratory concerns

To learn more about our Cedarwood Atlas uses and benefits check out our blog!

Honeybell with Sodalite – Self-Esteem/Mental Boost (Not Kidsafe )

This bright, vibrant synergy has a strong aroma of sweet citrus with fruit and a subtle woody undertone. This strong wonderful citrus scent is uplifting and provides a mental boost.

Sodalite brings emotional balance and helps to calm you when you are experiencing high-stress situations. It also enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-trust. Sodalite also works to support the immune system.

This is my go-to oil when I need that mental boost after a long day! I also use this when I am working on improving my self-esteem and becoming more confident in my everyday life. As this is an exercise that I use to boost my self-esteem, I like to sit or lay down comfortably while holding this stone and diffusing the essential oil.

Here are some other amazing benefits of Honeybell!

  • Fresh bright citrus aroma
  • Calming to the senses
  • Freshen ups stale rooms
  • Emotionally uplifting and cheerful
  • Provides a mental boost and helps to clear your mind

To learn more about our Honeybell uses and benefits check out our blog!

Hocus Focus with Citrine – Focus/Positivity (Kidsafe!)

Our Hocus Focus was developed to help support focus and to motivate your child to concentrate and stay on task. This bright uplifting scent is wonderful on the go or when your little ones are feeling overstimulated.

Citrine is associated with positivity, which is reflected in its vibrant colors. It is used to awaken the solar plexus chakra, helping to cultivate confidence and personal power.

I use this amazing combination with both my children. They love the smell and it helps with any fidgeting or concentration issues that we may run into! Since my children are always on the go, I use our bead and citrine stone bracelets and necklaces as an easy way for them to receive the benefits.

Here are some other wonderful benefits of Hocus Focus!

  • Bright citrusy sweet scent
  • Balancing to mind and body
  • Supports mental focus
  • Encourages feelings of alertness

To learn more about our Hocus Focus uses and benefits check out our blog!

Unwind DIY Blend (Kidsafe!)

Something I struggle with is doing too many things at once! I am sure many people feel that way in today’s world. This is my favorite DIY recipe; it helps me unwind and relax after a long day!

I often hold my Tigers eye stone while diffusing this. This helps to invoke a deep relaxing feeling.

Aromatic: Diffuse 6-7 drops per 100 mL of water.

Topical: Dilute to 2-5% in a preferred carrier. I prefer Grapeseed Carrier Oil because it has a high absorption rate.