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9 Essential Oil Organizing Hacks You Need to Try Right Now


9 Essential Oil Organizing Hacks You Need to Try Right Now

We get it, you aren’t exactly addicted to your essential oils…you just have several (hundred) bottles laying around. But no one likes a disorganized ugly cardboard box full of essential oils, so today we’re talking everything essential oil organization.

Want to add to your essential oil collection before you organize?

Here’s our top 10 essential oil organization hacks!


1. Alphabetically

This one is obvious, but putting your oils in order from A-Z just makes sense. It’s easy to find what you need, as long as you know the first letter of the name.


2. By essential oil type

Citrus, florals, synergies…organizing your oils by type makes it easy to find what you need when you want a citrus note for that DIY you’re making.


3. By essential oil use

If you’re an essential oil expert, this is one of the most efficient ways to organize your collection. You’ll know exactly where to reach when you have a headache and are looking for a little relief, or which oils you can safely use on your kiddos.


The best tools to use for organizing your oils:

4. An essential oil organizer or journal.

Plant Therapy makes the cutest organizer and journal for keeping track of your EO’s, and gives you the perfect place to make notes on your oils, your personal blends, and which oils you use for different situations.

You can buy your own essential organizer/journal on Plant Therapy, starting today!


9. A clear makeup bag (for travel)

Yours doesn’t have to be a fanny pack, but if you’re traveling and want to take your favorite oils (and see what you have with you), a clear makeup bag is an easy, cheap hack. Bonus: If there’s any spillage, a clear plastic makeup bag is easy to wipe clean!

Bonus tip: A great oil we love for our essential oil travel kits is Lavender. Not only can it help you ease into sleep at the end of the day, but it can also calm you on a plane ride, or long car trip. Plus, it’s KidSafe!


6. An essential oils organizer box.

If your collection is smaller, think about investing in a pretty wooden box. You can practically use it as home decor, and just open the top to see all your oils in one place.

Plus, there are tons of different sizes, from boxes that hold just 3 oils to boxes that hold 55!


7. An essential oils binder.

This is my friend’s favorite: She has her (extensive) essential oils organized in a binder. Easy to grab and take with you on road trips, or keep in the car.


8. A clear dollar store makeup organizer

Another dollar store hack: Use those clear makeup organizers (already designed for holding small bottles) for storing your oils! This makes it super easy to see all your oils, and is perfect for storage in the bathroom.


5. A kitchen drawer + drawer organizer (like for utensils)

Have your oils always on hand by storing them in a drawer, using cheap dollar store drawer organizers. This way, you can easily store them by oil type, or use, but if you’re lazy like me this method still doesn’t require you to like, actually put oils away in neat little rows. Because ain’t nobody got time for that!