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Getting Your Inner Ooommm On Bath Blend DIY


Getting Your Inner Ooommm On Bath Blend DIY

Check it out: We’re celebrating the end of Summer with some last-minute summer-y DIY’s (like this amazing Epsom Salt bath blend)!

Because we love our customers (you guys – we really do!), we decided that this month we wanted to hear YOUR favorite recipes that you love to make with Plant Therapy essential oils. We ran a contest in our SEOR Facebook group, and the three winners will be featured on our Plant Therapy blog!

Today, we’re sharing winner #3 with you. It’s a relaxing Epsom Salt bath blend by Amy Fields!

Getting Your Inner Ooommm On

by Amy Fields
What you’ll need:
  • 1 cup Epsom salts
  • 1 cup dried herbs (like rose petals, chamomile, or comfrey)
  • 2 1/2 cups Castile soap
  • 36 drops of Loving Compassion Synergy
  • 2 jars
  • Muslin bags

What you’ll do:

In your jar, mix 1 cup of Epsom Salts and 1 cup of dried herbals. I have rose petals, Chamomile, and Comfrey.
In another jar, combine the Castile Soap and 36 drops of Loving Compassion.
Place dry ingredients into Muslin Bags and drop one in the bath with warm water. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Castile/EO mixture to tub and mix well.
KidSafe: No