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Dry Skin Hydrosol Toner DIY


Dry Skin Hydrosol Toner DIY

Fall is quickly approaching, and for a lot of us that means the drier weather is taking a toll on our skin. Remember, as the weather changes, so should your skincare regimen. A dull or rough complexion, lack of elasticity, and inflammation can benefit from a natural skincare routine that utilizes products with humectant and emollient properties.

Thankfully, if you’re ready to quench your thirsty skin, this wonderful, well-balanced hydrosol toner will soothe and rejuvenate your face. Toners are often used after washing your face to help finish the cleansing process and help with the appearance of pores.

Dry Skin Toner

What you’ll need:

Plant Therapy Dry Skin Toner DIY

What you’ll do:

Mix together in a 4 ounce bottle and spritz the face after cleansing. Refrigerate between uses.