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DIY Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Gifts Round-Up


DIY Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Gifts Round-Up

a woman opening a gift with Plant Therapy essential oilsGift-giving season is upon us! Thanksgiving is just a few days away and then we enter into the Christmas Craze. This time of year is the perfect time to express your gratitude and show your appreciation to the people in your life who make it all worthwhile. Simple, heartfelt gifts can sometimes be the best ones to give — and get.

Here are a few DIY gifts that make absolutely perfect, thoughtful gifts to your family, friends, and anyone else you think may need a little extra holiday cheer!

Exotic Escape Bath Salts

Exotic Escapes Bath SaltsWhen cold weather hits, who doesn’t want to spend a little “me-time” fantasizing about relaxing on a warm, sunny, far away tropical destination? The essential oils used in this bath salt DIY are warm, bright, and even a little spicy! With an aroma that’s appealing to both women and men, you can’t go wrong here.

Fall Comfort Lotion

Fall Comfort LotionDo you have a special person in mind who just loves fall? We only have a little over a month of the season left, and this lotion makes a great gift for all those pumpkin-spice, autumn foliage-loving friends we have! Plus, with skin nourishing essential oils and olive lotion, pampered, healthy skin might be a side effect.

Apple Orchards Wax Melts

Apple Orchard wax melts DIYIf you’ve never had the chance to stroll through an apple orchard at its peak in fall, you’re missing out! These wax melts capture that complex sweet and green aroma, and they make adorable gifts.

Paper Pumpkins

paper pumpkins DIY easy holiday craftDo your kiddos want to make their own gift to give to someone they love? Paper pumpkins are a fun and cute addition to fall decor, especially when they’re made with love!

Bright and Cheerful Inhaler Blend

Plant Therapy Bright and Cheerful Inhaler BlendAn inhaler blend might not be the first thing that you think of when choosing a gift, but trust us, whoever gets this instant dose of happiness is going to be very thankful! Inhaler blends are great gifts for family and friends you are very familiar with — you wouldn’t want to give an inhaler blend to anyone who may have a negative reaction to the essential oils used.

For even more DIY’s, check out our DIY blog page!