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6 Ways to Use Lil' Stinkers During Holiday Travel


6 Ways to Use Lil' Stinkers During Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful, especially if you’re planning on bringing young children with you. We know you want your little kiddos to have as much fun as possible and start those amazing holiday memories as early as possible, but a few bad experiences can quickly trash that dream. Getting car sick, struggling to get a good night’s sleep, and fighting off the constant onslaught of traveling germs? That’s no fun at all! Let our Lil’ Stinkers help make your plans run a little more smoothly. Check out these six reasons why your Lil’ Stinker makes an amazing travel buddy.

1. Queasy tummy? Not today!

Aside from being super soft, cute, and cuddly, Lil’ Stinkers can really be customized for whatever you need. If you know your little one loves his Coco, Otis, or PJ, and you also know that your little one tends to get a bit of a sour stomach in the car, let the Stinker help out! Add some Tummy All Better onto the Safety Scent Cartridge™ to provide a little motion sickness ease. Or, try a single oil, like Dill Weed, Spearmint, or Petitgrain, to help keep your little one’s stomach settled.

2. Getting the jitters….

Even as adults, going someplace new and meeting new people can be very nervewracking — so just imagine how your kiddos feel! Lil’ Stinkers can offer a lot of comfort and confidence to an anxious feeling child, especially if they don’t leave home too often. Calming the Child has a sweet, happy scent that was designed to help slow down revved-up minds and emotions. It’s perfect when the jitters start to take over and all your kiddo seems to want to do is run away and hide. But hopefully keeping his or her Stinker close by to hug (and inhale!) will help with all the new people and places!

3. Sleeping tight all night!

A child’s bed at home is probably one of their comfort zones. It has all their stuffed animals, favorite blanket, and toys close by. So when they can’t sleep on it, it can be near impossible to fall asleep at all. This is no good for them, and definitely no good for mom or dad, either.

But if they sleep with their Lil’ Stinkers at home and can take it with them on the road, it’s like they have a little piece of their bedtime routine to take with them. Add some Nighty Night to help your child relax and fall asleep more easily, no matter where they happen to lay their head.

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4. Bring along the comforts of home

Does Coco, Otis, or PJ have a regular scent? Maybe it’s one of their custom blends or another single oil or blend — either way, your child may enjoy that predictability, especially during travel.

So, if Otis smells like his signature blend at home, and he smells like his signature blend away from home, too, well, that may really help keep a young mind at ease during their traveling adventures. It’s like taking a piece of home with them wherever they go.

5. Keep those sick bugs at bay!

Traveling and germs. They go hand-in-hand. If you use Immune Boom or Germ Destroyer in the Lil’ Stinkers, then you can be assured that your child’s immune system is being supported by all of those amazing essential oils!

While we can’t prevent everyone from catching the ickies, we can actively try to prevent the germs from taking over or spreading. And every little bit of prevention helps during travel.

plant therapy lil stinkers

6. Add an extra touch of the holidays…

We all love to make happy holiday memories happen for our children. Using one of our KidSafe Holiday Blends with your Lil’ Stinkers can really help enliven the spirit of the season. Whether they love the smell of freshly cut evergreens (Christmas Tree), frosty delicious candy canes (Frosted Mint), or holiday comfort by the stockings (Holly Berries), using one of these blends in their snuggly Stinker friend can really help remind your child of the best parts of the season!