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12 Essential Oils You Need for a Cozy Home This Holiday Season


12 Essential Oils You Need for a Cozy Home This Holiday Season

It’s official, the holiday season is upon us. Christmas music is playing at every store and decorations have been on sale for weeks now. The hotly contested debate of whether or not to put up the tree before Thanksgiving is in full swing. No matter which side of the argument you fall on, we won’t judge (we’re not the only ones with Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album on repeat, right?). We all want to make a warm, inviting home for the holidays and a great way to do that is with these cozy essential oils. Whether you’re diffusing them around the house or adding them to your favorite decor, these fragrances are sure to add Christmas cheer and cozy comfort to your home.

Fresh & Citrusy

12 Essential Oils You Need for a Cozy Home This Holiday Season

1. Orange Blood

Although Orange might strike some as more of a spring and summer scent, it is perfect for blending with warm and spicy fragrances to create a cozy atmosphere. Although with two different varieties of orange to choose from, it may difficult to tell the difference. Orange Blood is the more intense of the two. Its zesty, citrusy fragrance is both uplifting and stimulating. It can help with sadness or moodiness as well as promote happiness.

2. Orange Sweet

The lighter of the two essential oils, Orange Sweet has a juicy-fresh citrus scent. In addition to being an uplifting oil, it can help support the immune system, which is especially beneficial during the winter months. It’s also useful for freshening a stale, musty room.

Warm & Spicy12 Essential Oils You Need for a Cozy Home This Holiday Season

3. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a go-to spice when it comes to our favorite holiday desserts. It’s only fitting that the sweet, spicy-woody scent of the essential oil is perfect for infusing a little coziness this winter. It can also be used in topical applications to help ease achy joints.

4. Vanilla Oleoresin

This warm, inviting scent is the perfect addition to your holiday diffuser. Its comforting aroma can help reduce nervous tension and agitation and promote relaxation before sleep.

5. Coffee

Diffuse this essential oil to bring the aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. It’s both warm and invigorating and great for uplifting the mood.

6. Cinnamon Leaf

One of three Cinnamon varieties, this particular essential oil has the lightest fragrance. Its warm aroma is sure to smell just like Grandma’s kitchen while providing aid in fighting seasonal illnesses.

7. Clove Bud

This spicy and rich oil smells exactly like, you guessed it, cloves. In addition to blending well with Orange, it can also be used as a powerful cleaning agent.

8. Peppermint

No list of cozy holiday scents would be complete without peppermint. After all, there’s an entire Christmas Candy dedicated to it. It creates a strong aromatic scent that has a fresh, cool, grassy-minty smell. Plus Peppermint is a refreshing and stimulating oil that is both soothing and enlightening.

Fresh & Piney12 Essential Oils You Need for a Cozy Home This Holiday Season

9. Fir Needle

With the advent of artificial trees comes one of the downsides: they lack the wonderful pine scent associated with fresh Christmas trees. Recreate this classic, pleasant and cozy fragrance with essential oils. Fir Needle is both KidSafe and has a fresh, dry, resinous, piney aroma. It can even help congested breathing associated with seasonal illness.

10. Juniper Berry

Another KidSafe Essential Oil, Juniper Berry has a sharp green, woody conifer scent. It’s most famously known for being the same berry from which gin is made. Additionally, it’s excellent for helping purify the air and creating a calming effect.

11. Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir has a distinctively woodsy aroma that conjures up the scent the holiday season as well as the great outdoors. It is a great addition to many holidays blends. Plus it has an uplifting yet soothing effect that helps balance the emotions.

12. Spruce Hemlock

The last of the piney essential oils on our list, Spruce Hemlock is not only KidSafe but useful in protecting from winter germs. Its forest-fresh, balsamic, and sweetish-fruity aroma can also help uplift the mood and calm the mind.

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12 Essential Oils You Need for a Cozy Home This Holiday Season

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