59 Count (Plant Therapy Logo) Wooden Expanding Organizer 45 (5-15 ml) Bottles + 14 Roll-Ons

59 Count (Plant Therapy Logo) Wooden Expanding Organizer 45 (5-15 ml) Bottles + 14 Roll-Ons

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Beautiful expanding wooden box that provides the protection and storage for your essential oil collection. Fits up to 45 5-15 ml bottles and 14 roll-ons in the pull out drawer. Sanded and smooth ready to be customized with paint or stain. Plant Therapy only provides the highest quality products and this expanding box is no exception.
  • Wooden box Fits up to 45 bottles 5-15ML in size plus 14 Roll-Ons.
  • PROTECTION & SECURITY - Prevents your oils from damaging sunlight. Metal clasp adds extra security.
  • PERFECT GIFT - Beautiful display case is perfect as a gift for yourself or anyone who loves essential oils.
  • PLANT THERAPY QUALITY - Logo custom engraved on the top of box and inside the lid.
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Customer Reviews


On December 8, 2016


A Great Gift

This box is awesome! I bought it as a gift for one of my essential oil clients, but will be reordering one for myself. I really love it!

On December 14, 2016


Good size

I bought this box because I needed a bigger space for all my oils. It looks very nice and bigger than I was expecting for its cost.

Cat Lover

On September 30, 2016

Wooden Expanding Organizer-45

The box is very large ....bigger than what I thought. The drawer is difficult to push in and out. I would not recommend this product.

Ashley H.

On December 27, 2016

Arrived broken

I love Plant Therapy, but the quality of this product is not up to par. The front of the drawer came off when I touched the handle and I couldn't even open the top section because the tray wasn't attached. Will be returning.


On January 9, 2017


Decent little box and will fulfill its purpose once I put some work into it. The drawer does not fit properly and needs to have the top of the front plate sanded down to make clearance. There is not enough clearance on this drawer as-is, let alone once it gets a coat of paint. Once the drawer is completely closed, it is almost impossible to open without breaking something. Some dings in the surface of the wood straight out of the shipping box. VERY disappointed!