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Which Cedarwood Essential Oil Should I Choose?


Which Cedarwood Essential Oil Should I Choose?

Cedarwood Essential Oils are a favorite choice among aromatherapists for their therapeutic nature. It can help with a variety of issues, everything from blemish-prone skin to respiratory issues to negative emotions. Not to mention, these delightfully woodsy oils are perfect for the cold winter months.

Plant Therapy carries not one, but four different varieties of Cedarwood. Although there are many shared properties, including the fact that they are all KidSafe, each has its own unique benefits and subtle aroma. Before you get overwhelmed by the choices, we’re here to break down the differences in each one and help you decide which variety of this common essential oil is right for you.

Which Cedarwood Essential Oil Should I Choose?

Cedarwood Atlas:

With a rich, woody, slightly sweet and spicy aroma, this oil is reminiscent of cedar lined chests that belonged to our grandparents. This variety is renowned for its therapeutic benefits. Create a calm, soothing environment by adding a few drops to your personal inhaler or favorite diffuser. You can even add a few drops to your shampoo for a healthy, flake-free scalp.

Cedarwood Himalayan:

This oil is very similar to Cedarwood Atlas both in aroma and benefits, except that its scent is a little bit sharper. It is also incredibly beneficial for emotional and respiratory support. Add it to your daily routine by applying a 0.5-1% dilution in a carrier oil or lotion to the face and then spritzing your face with one of your favorite hydrosols as a toner. Alternatively, you can add a 1% dilution directly to your hydrosol using an emulsifier like Polysorbate 20.

Cedarwood Virginian:

Steam distilled from a Juniper Tree, Cedarwood Virginian has a medium, fresh woody scent. It is actually similar to a freshly sharpened pencil, only better (obviously). It’s a popular choice for men’s products and fragrances because of it’s outdoorsy aroma. Additionally, it is extremely useful in skincare products as it helps to balance oily skin and reduce the appearance of red or rough skin.

Cedarwood Texas:

Originating right here in the U.S., this variety is distinctive with it’s sweet, soft, balsamic wood scent. Diffuse this oil to help freshen a room and create an uplifting, calm atmosphere. It is also an excellent choice for immune support.