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Coupon Code FAQ

We all love a good deal, especially when that good deal is on essential oils! But using and combining different discounts and coupon codes can get confusing — which is why we’ve put together this detailed FAQ for using Plant Therapy coupons to get yourself the best deals!

Coming Soon - Happy Holideals!

Our annual Holiday sale is almost here! Because we know you want to get prepared early, we’re letting our customers know ahead of time that our Holiday season is going to look a little different this year. With Black Friday happening so late in 2019, we don’t have a lot of time between Black Friday and Christmas. But don’t worry!

We’re changing it up this year to make sure our biggest discount days happen before the free shipping Holiday cut-off date. So this year, our holiday deals will begin on 12/2, and run through 12/21, with some bonus deals happening after the 21st. On 12/2 our deals will start at midnight, but after that, we’ll be switching to 8 AM, MST, so you don’t have to stay up late.

And you never know, there might be a deal or two leading up to the official kickoff date of 12/2!

Please Note: To receive your orders before Christmas 2019, you'll need to order before noon on the 18th of December. We want to make sure your gifts are under the tree on time!

Current Promotions:

Thanksgiving — Receive an oven mitt and apron with $40 purchase using coupon code THANKS19.

Offer valid starting at Midnight Mountain Standard Time (MST) on 11/18/2019 and expires at 11:59 p.m (MST) on 11/22/2019 or until sold old. Coupon is not valid with any other coupons or offers. Discount does not apply to gift certificates, shipping, or sales tax.

Plant Therapy reserves the exclusive right to cancel and/or change this promotion at any time and replace with a comparable item. Available while supplies last. No rainchecks.

What kinds of coupon codes does Plant Therapy have?

Plant Therapy has several different kinds of coupon codes. The most common are:


% off your purchase
Example: Get 20% off your purchase


% off of specific products
Example: Get 15% off carrier oils


$X off a purchase of at least $X
Example: Spend $50, get $10 off or, get 10% off when you spend $60 or more


Free gift with purchase
Example: Spend $30, get a free oil

How do free gift with purchase codes work?

These coupon codes get you a free gift with your purchase (yay!), as long as you meet the requirements of the promotion.

For example, some promotions and sales will require you to spend a certain amount of money, like $30, to get your free item. Or some sales might require you to buy a specific item to get the free gift, like buy Rose Otto, get a free Blue Tansy 5 mL.

And don’t forget about your free birthday oil! Those coupons are considered a free gift with purchase and work the same way.

Do free gifts with purchase codes stack with other coupon codes?


Can I stack free gifts with purchase codes with free stickers?

There is one exception to the gift with purchase coupon stacking with other free items, and that’s stickers or our leaf bottle opener. You can always get your free sticker or free leaf opener, even when you use a free gift with purchase coupon code.

How do % off coupon codes work?

Coupon codes for a % off will either work with specific products (like carrier oils, blends, etc) or be a % off your total purchase (like 10% off sitewide).

Can I use two different % off discounts together?

Discounts for a % off products can be combined as long as they’re for discounts on different products. But a discount off your total purchase will not stack with discounts off specific items. For example:

This will work:

20% off carrier oils + 15% blends = win/win

This won’t work:

20% off your entire purchase + 15% off carrier oils = no stacking

That means that a 10% off sitewide discount won’t work with 15% off diffusers.

Can I stack my PT Perqs rewards with free gift with purchase codes?

Your points can totally be combined with any of our other coupons, sales, and promos, scoring you some serious deals. The only thing your points can't buy you are Plant Therapy gift cards or gift certificates.

Can I stack my PT Perqs rewards with % off discounts?

Your points can totally be combined with any of our other coupons, sales, and promos, scoring you some serious deals. The only thing your points can't buy you are Plant Therapy gift cards or gift certificates.

How many PT Perqs rewards points can I redeem at once?

You can use up to $50 in rewards in a single transaction. That’s a lot of oils!

That means you could redeem that $50 and walk away with a bottle of Organic Australian Sandalwood ($49.95) for zero dollars after redeeming your 1,000 points. And we all need some Sandalwood in our life. As long as your total shopping cart is over $50, you’re good to go.

Just so you know: Your points expire if you have six months of inactivity in your PT Perqs account. That means if you don't make a purchase, write a review or answer a blog post question for six months - you lose your points.

But let's be real: "I totally go six months without buying oils," said no one, ever.

Can I use my PT Perqs points together with a sale or coupon code?

Your points can totally be combined with any of our other coupons, sales, and promos, scoring you some serious deals. The only thing your points can't buy you are Plant Therapy gift cards or gift certificates.

Note: You can't use more than one of these referral coupon codes at once, and they also don't stack with each other or with other coupons or discounts.

How do I get my PT Perqs free birthday oil?

Plant Therapy gives you a FREE 10 mL limited-edition oil on your birthday every year with a minimum $5 purchase! Just sign up for PT Perqs and include your birthdate and month, and you’ll receive the unique coupon code in your email on your birthday. This email contains the instructions you need to redeem your code, so make sure your Plant Therapy emails aren’t going into your spam folder!

Our birthday oil is a special blend that is only available to our PT Perqs members and cannot be purchased without the coupon code.

How do I redeem my PT Perqs free birthday oil coupon?

Your unique, one-time-use coupon code will be delivered straight to your inbox on your birthday (so make sure your PT emails aren’t going to your spam folder). To redeem your birthday oil, just add your coupon code at purchase the same way you’d use any other PT coupon code. It’s that easy!

Just remember, you have to spend $5 or more (before taxes) to be able to redeem your free birthday oil coupon code.

Can I combine my PT Perqs rewards points with my free birthday oil?

Yes! Your PT Perqs rewards points can totally be combined with any of our other coupons, sales, and promos, scoring you some serious deals.

Can I use coupon codes in the Plant Therapy retail stores?

Yes! If you’re lucky enough to live close to one of our retail stores, most promos will also work in our retail stores, no printing required.

Do I need a coupon code for free shipping?

No, Plant Therapy offers free shipping on every order, to all our customers in the United States. You’re welcome! That means using your Plant Therapy coupon codes will never, ever cancel our free shipping policy.

Can I use discounts or coupons to buy gift cards?

No, you can’t use discount codes or free gifts with purchase to buy Plant Therapy gift cards. This means that no coupon codes stack when buying a gift card, whether it’s 15% off your total purchase or a free gift.

Can I still use discounts or coupons when I pay with a gift card?

Yes! You can still get discounts and free gifts with purchase when you pay with a Plant Therapy Gift card.