Convertible Essential Oil Case for both 10 ml (holds 25) or 30 ml (holds 16).

Convertible Essential Oil Case for both 10 ml (holds 25) or 30 ml (holds 16).

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We are pleased to introduce the first convertible essential oil case on the market.

This unique case comes with 2 interchangeable inserts. One that will hold Plant Therapy's 10 ml bottles (holds 25 snugly) and one that will hold Plant Therapy's 30 ml bottles (holds 16 snugly). In just a couple of minutes you can easily switch out the insert to fit your needs.

  • Case size: 5.5" wide X 5.5" deep X 3.5 tall.
  • Comes with 2 interchangeable plastic inserts.
  • Included are the unassembled parts to make both 10 ml dividers and 30 ml dividers. One set of each.
  • Bottles are not included -- image shown is for example only.
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Customer Reviews

Tracy Hill

On July 23, 2014


I love this bag, it works perfectly, my EO bottles fit perfectly.

Lori Wiseman

On September 1, 2014


This is a handy little case! At first I had trouble putting the divider in, but just stretch it out and put a bottle in the center and 1 in each corner so you can see how it should fit in. start the Velcro in 1 corner and just move along velcroing it to the sides. This is such an affordable option! If you are like me, you have your beauty oils in the bathroom, your relaxing/sleeping oils in your bedroom, your energizing oils in your kitchen, etc.... so I have several of these cases for the main rooms I use my oils in and it\'s a great way to stay sort of organized.

Christina Heir

On December 26, 2014


I bought three of these (two for myself and one as a gift) during the 25 Days of Christmas sale this year. I already had one case I have purchased online elsewhere, but my oil collection is growing quickly. When they arrived I was first surprised at how tiny they seemed compared to the case I have when both hold the same number of bottles. I instantly noticed that the overall construction quality is better than the one I had. Once I put together the inserts (which are no longer the difficult to attach velco dividers others have mentioned, but rather a sturdy laminated plastic that slide into each other to form a grid), I was very pleased. These cases have now become my favorite ones and I will be ordering more as my collection continues to grow.

Jennifer Milanese

On January 24, 2015


I purchased 1 of these cases and after it arrived I quickly ordered 2 more. I use the blue one for blends, the purple one for "plain" oils (singles), and the red one for roller bottles. It makes it easy to remember which is which that way! They are perfect for the oils as they hold them securely, are easy to assemble (with the new inserts) and take up hardly any space. I have tried many different ways to store my oils and these have become my favorite!!

Sara Marti

On May 5, 2015


I love my case. It fits almost all my essential oils(just need a second one because I have too many oils), and they fit in there securely. No complaints whatsoever.