Christmas Fir Tree Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, Bulk

Christmas Fir Tree Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, Bulk



Our Christmas Fir Multi-Surface Cleaner combines the power of plants and essential oils for an effective cleaner that cuts through grease and grime without any harsh chemicals. The naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients clean tough messes on most sealed surfaces like countertops, stovetops, tile, or the inside of your microwave.

In addition to formulating a powerful, effective cleaner, we created a more sustainable product that helps cut down on the use of single-use plastics. Not only is the cleaner itself powered by plants, pair with a reusable glass bottle to further reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning products.

When using on painted surfaces, unsealed granite, unsealed marble, wall coverings, or any other surface you're not sure about, we recommend testing on a small, inconspicuous patch first.

Sold By: Essential Oils | Plant Therapy.

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