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Self-Carewith chakra blends

Chakra Essential Oil Set by Plant Therapy

Chakra Synergies Essential Oil Set - 10 mL

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$135.65 $109.95


1st Chakra
Root (Base of Spine)

Grounded Foundation Blend for Your First Chakra

2nd Chakra
Sacral (Lower Abdomen)

Joyful Creation Blend for Your Second Chakra

3rd Chakra
Solar Plexus (Chest)

Self Manifestation for Your Third Chakra

4th Chakra
Heart (Breast Bone)

Loving Compassion for Your Fourth Chakra

5th Chakra
Throat (Center of Throat)

True Expression for Your Fifth Chakra

6th Chakra
Third Eye (Forehead)

Clear Intuition for Your Sixth Chakra

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Grounded FoundationRoot Chakra

Joyful CreationSacral Chakra

Self ManifestationSolar Plexus Chakra

Loving CompassionHeart Chakra

True ExpressionThroat Chakra

Clear IntuitionThird Eye Chakra

Higher ConnectionCrown Chakra