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8 Perfect Essential Oil Gifts for Every Kind of Mom!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t let it sneak up on you this year. Instead of scrambling to find the perfect gift at the last minute, let us help you out! With these cheeky mom stereotypes, we’re taking the stress out of finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Whatever your mom loves, we’re sure to have you covered!


1. Mom-On-The-Go

This busy bee has a lot going on. She’s like a fully charged battery with a never ending to-do list! We’ve got just what she needs to make the most out of her day.


  • Energy Synergy Roll-On: This all-natural way to keep energy up helps Mom power through her day, even when that midday slump starts to set in. A healthier alternative than constantly reaching for coffee, or buying another energy drink, this roll-on is a compact travel buddy that fits right into her purse, to use whenever she needs a boost!
  • Relaxation Synergy Set: After that busy day, Mom should get the rest and relaxation she deserves! This set includes three amazing synergies that will help Mom unwind and have a few moments of peace to herself.


2. New Mom

Being a new mother is quite an experience! With her time entirely consumed caring for a little bundle of love, show her how much you appreciate all of her tireless and selfless actions with gifts just for her – and not the baby!


  • Fruits Set: Fruity essential oils are amazing mood boosters! Bright and rejuvenating, it’s hard not to feel happy when you have these oils around. They are also great for freshening up the aroma of any room, because — let’s be real — babies can make some big, stinky messes!
  • Rose Hydrosol: A fresh rose garden on a whim? Yes, please! New moms will love the instant sense of calmness and wellbeing this lovely aroma brings. Plus, it’s so quick and easy to use. No dilution or diffusers required – just spray and enjoy!


3. Fitness Mom

Running, biking, swimming, yoga, weights, and everything in between! This mom is passionate about exercise. She needs something to heal her mind, body, and spirit after pushing herself to the limit.


  • Chakra Synergies Set: A totally unique set of seven synergies designed to stimulate the natural energy systems within ourselves. Perfect for any self-care routine, this set is beautifully packaged and comes with a detailed booklet. It’s also newly available as pre-diluted roll-ons!
  • Muscle Aloe Jelly: Muscles hard at work deserve to be pampered! This icy/hot combination soothes and relaxes muscles, helping them feel great and recover quicker. Mom will definitely love this gift, especially after a hard workout!


4. Gardening Mom

Not one to be outdone by her neighbor’s frantically blooming azaleas, this mom will spend hours in dirt and sweltering sun to sow, grow, and love her garden. It’s her own personal sanctuary of bright and fragrant blossoms, backyard critters, and fresh air!


  • Nature Shield Synergy: Help Mom keep those pesky mosquitoes away while she’s outside enjoying her garden. Using essential oils that are famously effective for deterring pests, take it a step further and make Mom an outdoor candle!
  • Spring Blends Set: Rainy and windy springtime weather can keep Mom indoors. These synergies have pleasant spring aromas that will brighten her mood while she’s waiting out the storm.


5. Tech-Savvy Mom

This technology-loving-lady is always in-the-know about the latest gadgets and high-tech toys. Maybe she’s a gamer, a blogger, or an IT wiz; these moms can really benefit from some great products during their screen time.


  • Diffuse on the Move: With a USB port and a car charger, this tiny essential oil diffuser is portable and adorable. Coming in pink, champagne, white, and black, you’re sure to find a style that fits your mom just right!
  • Munchy Stop Roll-On: Anyone who’s spent long period of time in front of a screen knows it can be a struggle to resist the urge to snack — especially on salty and sweet treats. Usually, the long-term effects of this snacking cancels out the brief instant gratification it gives. Help mom curb these cravings and stay healthier with this synergy designed to boost willpower and reduce snacking.


6. All Natural Mom

With her interest in organic and whole foods, creating a toxin-free home environment, and using all of the most natural products available, this mom is commits herself to finding the best ways to build the healthiest environment for her family!


  • Organic Sampler Set: With the USDA Certified Organic seal, Mom will feel confident knowing these essential oils are made with the purest organic materials, including no GMOs, or harmful pesticides, and are grown in clean soil.
  • Organic Rose Otto: Think the Organic Mom in your life has everything she needs? Think again. This will easily become her most prized organic product — Steam distilled from the petals of the Bulgarian Damask Rose, just a tiny bit is all that’s needed to enjoy its amazing properties. Interested in a more economical option? Try Organic Rose Otto 10%.


7. First-Time Grandma 

A new grandbaby is such an exciting experience! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to thank Grandma for all her help, support, and unconditional love she selflessly gives to her children, and now her grandchildren.


  • Younger Glow Carrier Oil Blend: With the powerful oils of Sesame Seed, Sunflower, Camellia Seed, Rosehip, Argan, and Vitamin E, Grandma is going to love how this blend nourishes and conditions her skin.
  • Lavender Set: Perfect for every lavender-lover! With the body cream, essential oil, pre-diluted roll-on, and aloe jelly, this set is soothing, hydrating, and filled with the many therapeutic benefits of lavender.


8. Mother-In-Law

Maybe you’ve known her for years or maybe you’ve just met — either way, these thoughtful gifts are sure to strengthen that sometimes tumultuous in-law relationship!

  • Tree of Life Aromatherapy Diffuser Locket: This beautiful locket is a wonderful way to keep her favorite essential oils close. In both gold and silver colored options, and with an adjustable chain, it’s easy to style with any outfit!
  • Precious Flowers Set: Kept in its own petite wooden box, these three treasured floral scents are sure to bring joy into any woman’s life. This set contains Rose Absolute, Neroli, and Jasmine Absolute. Each of these unique florals carry profound emotional effects.


Every Mother’s Day is an opportunity to tell your mom how special she is to you. We hope these suggestions sparked some ideas for the kind of unique gifts your mom will love!

Millie On My Mind

By Ellen Brenner, Certified Aromatherapist

Meet Miss Millie!

In honor of National Pet Day, observed annually on April 11, I wanted to introduce you to my new companion, The Magnificent Miss Millie!

We commemorate National Pet Day by celebrating our love for our furry friends. Just as importantly, this day was created to bring awareness to potential pets in need through rescue or adoption, or by bringing assistance to a loved one with a pet who may be suffering from illness or financial setbacks. [1]

And, Millie was indeed a shelter adoption who was there through no fault of her own. Fate, and a good friend, helped us find our way to each other. And, in the ensuing few weeks since, it has been clear as day that my match with Millie falls under the heading of that ubiquitous bumper sticker we see that says “Who Rescued Who.”

Besides the fact that I think she is just cute as heck, and I am hopelessly in love with her, why am I writing about Millie the Wonder Dog in our Essential Wellbeing series?


Here’s Why!

The minute Miss Millie moved in, it became immediately apparent that she had taken on the role as my muse, and most importantly my mindfulness minder! To ensure our self-care makes it onto our schedules, some of us have reminders on our calendars and smart phones, some of us meet up with exercise buddies and some of us are just really disciplined.

And, then, there are some us who may have a tendency to drift now and then from consistent best intentions. Yep, even those of us who practice and preach need reminders at times to practice what we preach.

Like everyone else, life can take over our time and we need to find just the right inspiration and motivation to keep us on track. If I am not consistent with my mindfulness practices, my mind left to its own devices has a tendency maneuver me into the worry weeds.

In my last two blogs, we discussed the importance of managing those thoughts that can make an unwanted appearance in our minds:

When the Mind Runs Amok

Aromatherapy for Overcoming Overthinking

And, we discussed some simple steps we could take for self-care, combined with aromatherapy synergies, to help soothe our senses. But, to support a sense of peace and balance, what I need is for all those simple steps to be paved together in a consistent routine. This creates a smoother pathway for prevention on the daily, rather than continually mopping up every single time life spills over.

So! Finding Millie became an intentional part of my conscious wellness plan!


Millie and Me

In addition to a companion and a source of comfort, I knew a new furry friend would help create that sense of structure I was seeking. But, Millie brought more.

There is a saying in Buddhist teachings “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” And, this is my Millie. As it turns out, she is actually a gifted little spirit guide dog who seems to arrived right on time for where I am at this stage of my healing journey.

 In our first two weeks together there were already immediate improvements in some common measures of wellness:

  • My rate of weight loss tripled and inches decreased
  • My acupuncture readings all became the most balanced ever
  • My pain levels decreased significantly
  • My sleep increased from 5 fitful hours to 7 and 8-hour solid sessions
  • My blood pressure dropped to its lowest level in years
  • I was able to walk further and faster than I had previously without pain.


How is this possible?

Research is showing not only why pet companionship has a profound impact on our health, but also how. And, it starts with supporting our mental and emotional health. First, we reduce the stress response, which starts in the mind and impacts the body. Left unchecked, mental distress floods us with a stress cocktail of cortisol and norepinephrine, leading to serious health concerns.

You can read more about the impact of this in:

Take A Breath and Cool Your Jets



Just as importantly, pet companionship can also promote our sense of peace and pleasure by elevating the happy nerve transmitters serotonin and dopamine.[2]

And, when bonded dogs and their humans gaze into each other’s eyes both are flooded with the love chemical oxytocin.[3] According to NIH, oxytocin “lowers the levels of stress hormones in the body, reducing blood pressure, improving mood, increasing tolerance for pain and perhaps even speeding how fast wounds heal.” [4]

What I call the “peace juice” neurotransmitters also start with our state of mind. You can read more about how they have a positive effect on our wellbeing in:

A Cup of Compassion



Millie The Mindfulness Minder

 I do want to say that pet companionship is not everyone at every time. And, that this is seriously ok. It is a major life commitment when sometimes we are simply doing our best trying to manage our own lives. It actually took me more than three years to adopt again after my last furry friend left this Earth for a multitude of reasons.

So, the point of this post is really to share the self-care practices Millie seems to solidify for me. We quickly settled into a routine that works for us to soothe the mind, uplift the senses, and care for the body in a very simple sort of structure broken down into small bites making it easy to keep.

As always, aromatherapy is an awesome ally for enhancing our mental and emotional wellbeing, whether we have a furry friend or not. I have included some of my favorite synergies I use to support my self care when wanting to enhance my experience.

When working with our emotional and mental wellbeing, inhalation is most often the best approach because it is the fastest and most direct route to the part of our brain where our emotions and stress are processed and managed.

Presently, I am using personal aromatherapy inhalers until I become more educated about which essential oils are safe to use around dogs when they are sharing the scent.[5] These are mini-master blends, so you can choose to add them to your diffuser, or triple the recipe to add to your inhaler.


Here is what a typical day of self care may look like.












Morning Walks and Moving More– Millie and I go for a morning walk around the block almost without fail. This gets the circulation and the joints going, awakens and clears the mind, and fills my being with fresh air before I face the day. Before Millie, I could go from oversleeping to sitting all day working. Now, I am also moving more throughout the day by taking breaks for her and me and just in general getting more done in bits and bites  My fitness watch has never been so congratulatory!


Tropical Coffee

2 drops Cinnamon Leaf Cinnamomum verum

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica*

1 drop Coffee Coffea arabica

A delicious aroma to help get you going in the morning, waking you up to the possibilities of a positive day.

KidSafe®: No

Cautions: For cinnamon leaf, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.6%  for topical use applications.

*Kumquat was recently featured as an Oil of the Month. Please check back to see if it will be offered for general availability. 



Mindful Meditation – when we come back from our walk, it is time for morning meditation, and again in the afternoon to close out the thoughts from the busy workday before dinner. Mille loves and looks forward to this quiet time together and snuggles up to settle in which immediately helps to settle my mind. I believe she thinks of it as “Millie Time.” I actually think of her as the “meditation enforcer.” If my mind wanders and I happen to pick up my phone for a peek, she will literally lay her body across me and physically push my arm down with her paw. I was seriously sent a little Zen doggie.

You can read more about the benefits of meditation in

M is for Meditation


Peace of Paradise

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica*

2 drops Sandalwood Indian Santalum album

1 drop Black PeppePiper nigrum

An indulgent exotic escape, this sumptuous synergy can help a tired mind stay open and on point while practicing meditation or other introspective self-care.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: For Sandalwood Indian, we recommend a maximum dilution of 2% for topical applications.

*Kumquat was recently featured as an Oil of the Month. Please check back to see if it will be offered for general availability. 



Engaging the Brain – just like our bodies, our brains need exercising as well. Keeping our mind engaged supports us in staying mentally active and well. In a fascinating and pioneering study of nuns, researchers found links between intellectual stimulation and reduced risk of cognitive decline as we age. [6] For Millie, we are constantly learning new commands and behaviors. Even a playing fetch is about bringing me something to drop on command. For her it is fun, and exciting and you can see and sense the joy in her face and tail. I get the same sense of excitement in my writing and research for work, or reading and completing crosswords in my down time. And, most days, I have the pleasure of Millie’s companionship when I work from home, make my days extra inspiring and stimulating.


Clarity ™ Synergy

From Plant Therapy’s line of pre-blended synergies.

The essential oils in Clarity Synergy help to enhance memory and mental focus. Try this synergy when working on important projects or any task requiring clear and decisive mental activity.

KidSafe®: Clarify Synergy is not. For an alternate KidSafe® option, try our KidSafe® synergy blend called  A+ Attention Organic.

Cautions: Safe when used as directed.



Soaking in Some Sunshine – As we were figuring out our routine, Millie began asking me to go out in the later afternoon. I thought she needed a potty break and took her out to her favorite grassy spot. It turns out, each time what she actually wanted was simply to roll and lie in the grass, as well as bask in the sunshine. She really, really didn’t want to go back in until she had her sun time so I just took a page out of her book and sat in the grass with her. Just five or 10 minutes and she is good to go. It’s become a thing with us. Millie inherently understands and reminds me what research has revealed. We indeed need a few minutes of sunshine daily to help boost our mood and lift our spirits.

Read more about this in:

The Sunshine State


 Sunny Side Up

 2 drops Lime Steam Distilled Citrus x aurantifolia

2 drops Spearmint Mentha spicata

1 drop Bergamot Citrus bergamia

 A happy, uplifting and mentally clearing blend.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: For Spearmint, we recommend a maximum dilution of 1.7% for topical applications o avoid possible adverse skin reactions.



Comfort, Cuddles and Hugs– it turns out Millie is an awesome comfort dog, as well as champion cuddler and Velcro snuggler. I can come in after a rough day, and there she is ready, willing and waiting to attach herself to me with unconditional love. I hug Millie a million times a day, and it turns out she is also an adept hugger. She has a sweet way of putting her paws around my neck and pulling me close to kiss my face or put her head on my shoulder. And, while at 25 pounds, she isn’t quite a lap dog, we won’t fill her in on that minor detail. In her world if she fits, she sits. I’ve learned to just ignore my arm falling asleep in exchange for the comfort of having her close. And, don’t we all feel a lot better when we have the love, comfort and care of another?


Loving Compassion  (Heart Chakra) Synergy

From Plant Therapy’s Chakra Synergy Line

Comforting and calming, this synergy helps to ease wounds of the heart and nourish the spirit. It helps to clear and cleanse deep wounds and blocks, while opening and uplifting the heart center. Loving Compassion invites positive energy and encourages a joyful outlook and outward connection, and promotes unconditional love for self and others with compassion and acceptance.

KidSafe®:  Only when diffused.

Cautions: Safe when used as directed.



Regular and Deep Sleep – at the end of our day, we all need restorative sleep. This means we need a regular schedule and we need to sleep deeply. It is only then that our bodies can repair and rejuvenate. I am definitely finding that having a day that is more filled with physical activity and mental stimulation allows me to wind down into a more restful rhythm. And, because I have quieted the mind, reducing any mental distress and any resulting nervous tension in the body, I am able to drift into a deeper, more restful sleep quite quickly accompanied by the soothing sounds of Miss Millie snoring softly in my ear.

As a bonus, that good sleep prepares me to awaken the next morning, in a timely manner, fully invigorated and ready to greet another day with Millie the Mindfulness Minder.

You can read about the importance of sleep here:

Slipping Into Slumber

From that blog, here is my very favorite way to prepare mind and body for sleep with an aromatic bath before bed.


Relaxing Bath Blend

2 drops Lavender Lavandula angustifolia

2 drops chamomile roman Chamaemelum nobile

1 drop marjoram sweet Origanum majorana

1 – 2 T unscented, natural body wash

½ – 1 c Epsom salts

Add essential oils to body wash to disburse. Mix in Epsom salts. Add under running very warm running water.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: None Known.


Naturally, you don’t need a pet to create your own plan of self care. Some folks set a series of reminders for their wellness routine with Siri. As it turns out, Millie is my personal mindfulness minder so that I make time to take care.

My hope is that the main message will inspire you to consider creating your own routine if you don’t have one already however it works best for you.



[1] National Pet Day,

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[5] At this time, some members of our Plant Therapy aromatherapy team are undertaking training in animal aromatherapy in an effort to help our community with furry friends be more informed about the essential oils they choose to use at home and with their family.

For those who wish to become further educated about safe use of essential oils around pets, we recommend the following:

  • Animal Aromatherapy (Safe Use) Facebook Group run by registered aromatherapist and animal aromatherapy expert and educator, Kelly Holland Azzaro.
  • Kelly also offers online classes in animal aromatherapy both for home use and professional certification through her website
  • We also refer to the book “Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals,” by Kristen Leigh Bell.

[6] staff, staff “Learning About Alzheimer’s From a Study of Nuns.” CBS News, CBS Interactive, 31 Jan. 2002,



March Oil of the Month: Kumquat

By Ellen Brenner, Certified Aromatherapistkumquat essential oil

Just in time for spring and summer, we have a refreshingly juicy offering for this Oil of the Month.

Meet Kumquat!

This little fruit with a funny name boasts a big personality and an awesome array of benefits.



kumquat essential oilAs one of the five original ancestral citruses,[1] Kumquat descends from an ancient history appearing as early as the 12th century in Chinese literature.[2] The kumquat fruit has been revered in traditional Chinese medicine for its therapeutic benefits.

Native to Southeast Asia, the kumquat is the size of an olive and grows on a small, compact evergreen tree. Kumquat translates to “golden orange” for its color. [3]

Because the rind of the kumquat is so refreshingly sweet, the small fresh fruit is often eaten whole, or enjoyed preserved in sugar syrup, or as a jelly.[4] And, Kumquat Essential Oil is cold pressed from this delicious fruit peel. 




While it offers some similar therapeutic benefits to other orange fruits, Kumquat is not your everyday citrus essential oil. Kumquat is especially high in Limonene giving it a bright, beautiful aroma and a bounty of benefits.

Kumquat is very uplifting to the senses and energizing to the mind. If you need a morning boost to get out of bed, or an afternoon pick-me-up, Kumquat can help get you going, while doing double duty to lift your mood.

It supports a healthy immune system and can help boost your household cleaners. The rich scent adds a remarkable freshness to clear a stale room while creating a positive environment.

Bringing a burst of joyful sunshine, Kumquat would be especially perfect to clear out the winter blahs, while putting a pep in your step when completing spring cleaning.





Wondering what to blend with Kumquat? Oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless to satisfy the senses. It can be cast as the central star, or bring a boost of sparkle to your synergy.

One whiff of Kumquat and I was off and running with quite an array of mini-master blends, including several previous Oil of the Month selections.  I hope these will inspire you to explore and enjoy your own creations as well. Just see where the gorgeous Kumquat leads you and your nose.

These mini-master blends can be placed in your diffuser or tripled for a personal aromatherapy inhaler. They can also be diluted appropriately in your favorite carrier oil for topical application, or your favorite DIY base, except where noted.

Kumquat itself is KidSafe® and safe for the sun. Because it is being mixed with other essential oils, please note any cautions listed with each synergy.


Tropical Coffee

2 drops Cinnamon Leaf Cinnamomum verum

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

1 drop Coffee Coffea arabica

A delicious aroma to help get you going in the morning, waking you up to the possibilities of a positive day.

KidSafe®: No

Cautions: For cinnamon leaf, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.6%  for topical use applications.


Move Mint

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

2 drops Spearmint Mentha spicata

1 drop Rhododendron* Rhododendron anthopogon

A beautifully expansive aroma to help move stagnant, negative energy and emotions and to support you in coming back into a more positive place.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: For spearmint, we recommend a maximum dilution of 1.7% for topical applications.

*Rhododendron was featured as an Oil of the Month. Check back to see if it will be stocked for general availability. 


Fruity Fresh

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

2 drops Bergamot Mint Mentha citrata

1 drop Chamomile  German CO2 Matricaria chamomilla

A simple way to send some happy to your senses, while helping to sweetly freshen your living space.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: For Chamomile German CO2, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.1% – 0.2% in blends for the skin.


Freshly Clean

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

2 drops Balm Mint Bush Prostanthera melissifolia

2 drop Lemon Myrtle* Backhousia citriodora

A wonderfully refreshing addition to to help clear the air and to boost your cleaning products.

KidSafe®: No

Cautions: For Lemon Myrtle, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.7% for topical application.

  • Lemon Myrtle was featured as an Oil of the Month. Please check back to see if it will be stocked for general availability. 


Green Peace

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

2 drops Petitgrain Citrus x aurantium

1 drop Marjoram Sweet Origanum majorana

An uplifting and calming scent to soothe an overworked mind and body.  Can do double duty if properly diluted for an aromatic bath.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: None known.


Fresh Blossom

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

2 drops Neroli Citrus x aurantium

1 drop Rose Otto Diluted 10% Rosa x damascena

A beautifully refreshing scent bringing forth the softly sweet blooms of spring and summer to sooth the senses.

KidSafe: No

Cautions: Do not use Rose Otto Diluted 10% in your diffuser due to the presence of a carrier oil. For Rose Otto, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.6% for topical use.


Peace of Paradise

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

2 drops Sandalwood Indian Santalum album

1 drop Black Pepper Piper nigrum

An indulgent exotic escape, this sumptuous synergy can help a tired mind stay open and on point while practicing meditation or other introspective self-care.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: For Sandalwood Indian, we recommend a maximum dilution of 2% for topical applications.


Mental Staycation

2 drops Kumquat Fortunella japonica

2 drops Massoia Bark* Cryptocaria massoia

1 drop Peru Balsam* Myroxylon balsamum

Needing your summer vacation now? Try this for a mental get away that will take you right to the tropics. Soothing and calming, this synergy is for diffusion only.

KidSafe®: No

Cautions: This synergy is for diffusion only.  For Massoia Bark, do not use on skin. Recommended for diffusion only. Do not use while pregnant or nursing. For Peru Balsam, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.4% for topical application.

  • Massoia Bark was featured as an Oil of the Month. Please check back to see if it will be offered for general availability. 
  • Peru Balsam was featured as an Oil of the Month. Please check back to see if it will be offered for general availability. 



[1] Stone, Daniel. “For Citrus, It’s All Relative.” National Geographic, Feb. 2017, p. 24.

[2] “Kumquat.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation,

[3] “Kumquat.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation,

[4] Lim, T. K. Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 4, Fruits. Springer Netherlands, 2012.


Top 5 Essential Oils: Tyler’s Picks

By Tyler Hagan, Aromatherapist

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Hagan, and I’ve had the privilege  of working for Plant Therapy since October of 2017. I spend almost all of my time in our lovely Facebook group, Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR), but you can often times find me answering your questions via email. 😊 I have been a long time customer of Plant Therapy and a long time member in SEOR. Aromatherapy is my biggest passion in life, and I love being able to work with others to spread safe essential oil knowledge far and wide.

Prior to being employed by Plant Therapy I was a preschool teacher for several years. I’ve worked in several childcare settings, developmental preschools, elementary schools, and churches. Teaching has always been one of my biggest passions in life.

I am happily married to my best friend and we have one little guy together, and I have two lovely stepkiddos . Besides spending time with my family, I also enjoy reading, whipping up DIY projects in the kitchen, watching movies, organizing, and gardening. Our favorite family pastime is camping, when the weather permits.

One of the hardest tasks I’ve encountered working at Plant Therapy is narrowing down my top 5 essential oils. I love SO many different essential oils, it’s hard to just pick 5, however, I’ve narrowed it down to the following essential oils below.

Blue Tansy Tanacetum annuum, is easily my #1  favorite essential oil. It is very uplifting, and it gives me that extra emotional boost I need throughout the year. For someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, it is a must to help keep my chest clear and breathing strong. It’s a big feature in my Free and Clear inhaler blend for my adventures in the great outdoors.

top 5 essential oils

Free and Clear Inhaler Blend

4 drops Saro Cinnamosma fragrans

3 drops Ho Wood Cinnamomum camphora

2 drops Blue Tansy Tanacetum annuum

2 drops Lemon Citrus x limon

1 drop Cedarwood Atlas  Cedrus atlantica

Cedarwood Atlas Cedrus atlantica, is a close second. It’s sweet yet spicy aroma is extremely calming and can be used to settle the crazy emotions and tension that follow a long, busy day. I love to diffuse it alongside my third favorite oil, Vetiver Vetiveria zizanioides.

For those that have never used Vetiver Vetiveria zizanioides, you must give it a try! It’s earthy, smoky aroma is just what I need at the end of the day to calm the constant chattering in my head. It also helps keep me calm and healthy throughout the year, which is always a huge plus.

One thing I struggle with daily is getting out of bed in the morning. Ask anyone who knows me, I am not a morning person, and I’m not exactly fun to be around straight out of bed. After many years of struggling, I found essential oils, and my life has forever been changed. And it’s all thanks to my fourth and fifth favorites, Grapefruit Pink Citrus x paradisi, and Bergamot Citrus bergamia. These two oils, blended together in the diffuser, is Tyler’s Saving Grace.


top 5 essential oilsTyler’s Saving Grace Diffuser Blend

5 drops Bergamot Citrus bergamia

3 drops Pink Grapefruit Citrus x paradisi

2 drops Steam Distilled Lemon Citrus x limon

2 drops Steam Distilled Lime Citrus x aurantifolia

*You can substitute the steam distilled for cold pressed. It will change the aroma slightly, but it’ll still be uplifting and energizing. 😊


What to Buy the Top 3 Bunnies on Your Easter List


Have you stocked your Easter baskets yet? We have!

Easter is April 1 this year, which means it’s time to stuff every-bunny’s basket! We’ve got three great ideas for egg-citing Easter gifts, as well as some very bunny puns:


1. For the baby bunny: KidSafe® Lil’ Stinkers plush

essential-oils-easterIf you’ve been waiting to try out one of our KidSafe® Lil’ Stinkers, Easter is the perfect time to try one out for the Lil’ Stinker in your life.

Coco, PJ and Otis arrive at your door specially packaged for Easter, with a cute card, Easter grass and their own signature synergy, perfect for Easter baskets.

Want to mix and match? You can also buy each Lil’ Stinker’s synergy individually packaged for Easter.


2. For the essential oils beginner bunny: Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils gift set.

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Better than a bouquet of Easter Lillies, our Banquet Synergy Essential Oil Bouquet Blend offers the fresh, floral scents of Lavender and Palmarosa, combined with the zesty citrus scents of Mandarin and Lemon, and topped off with the tranquil, soft, woodsy scent of Ho Wood. This synergy is sure to provide a boost of energy and a breath of fresh air to elate the mind of your some-bunny.

Be sure to check out Plant Therapy’s Easter gift shop for more egg-celent gift ideas!

Aromatherapy for Overcoming Overthinking

By Ellen Brenner, Certified Aromatherapist

I’m going to let you in on a little secret …well, not so secret if you know me. I have a tendency toward overthinking. Yep, my mind is seriously an overactive overachiever. And, if I don’t manage my mind, it can border on obsessive, repetitive thinking like a hamster running on the perpetual wheel to nowhere.

For as long as I can remember, my mind has been like a stalker on steroids in certain situations. It races ahead with thoughts that I sometimes struggle to process before it races on to the next. I talked fast as a child, and even now sometimes when I get over stimulated. I have been told this is a result of my mouth trying to keep up with my mind.

In some instances a fast-moving mind has served me well. Fast thinking on my feet was a plus in the corporate world, most especially when I worked in crisis communications. And, seriously, I’m the girl you want in an emergency making excellent lightening decisions with a laser focus.

On a day-to-day basis, though, not learning to slow overthinking can lead to a sense of feeling overwhelmed and overtired.

But, until several years ago, I didn’t know there was a way to slow the flow.

And, then, I attended a meditation workshop where I learned “the mind is like a monkey that has been stung by a scorpion.” (there are many variations on this theme from ancient Buddhist teachings).


That was an illuminating moment. Not only did this accurately describe the inner workings of my mind, but also for so many others from millennia to modern times. And, ancient medicine had already addressed how to control our thoughts rather than letting our thoughts control us.

In this last blog we discussed a type of obsessive thinking that occurs when the mind wanders into worry.

When the “Mind Runs Amok

And, we detailed some simple practices to calm the mind by counting our breath coupled with aromatic companions that may be helpful for dealing with this type of distress.

Continuing that discussion, I wanted to share three other ways I find where overthinking can overtake my mind.


Creative Channeling

One of the things I’ve learned about my hard wiring is that I get super excited by cool concepts. I will then tuck this new notion away in amorphous form for future reference. Then, suddenly, something will trigger a lightening round where all the dots start to connect themselves at super speed and I am then able to perceive the idea in a prevailing pattern.

This process of coalescing into concepts I can now see sets in motion what I call creative channeling, Ideas and information begin to swiftly come together seemingly without effort as I furiously write to keep up with the flow lest the information making itself known become lost.

The upside to this is that it powers my passion and inspiration for writing. There are times when I can write like I am on fire and feel like I am simply a channel for the creativity flowing from fingertips to the keyboard.

One downside is I might find myself drafting at 3:00 a.m., or after I started meditation, because it is always the most quiet of moments that fuels the fire. I end up torn between needing sleep and needing to not lose the moment of creative flow. If I try to sleep, I worry it will be gone and my mind goes on repeat to try to remember.

Here are some ways I work to balance creative inspiration with creating quiet time:
  • Keep a tablet by the bed (paper or electronic) to jot down the notes.
  • Create more quiet time and space during the day to allow time to go with the flow
  • Get to bed at an earlier time knowing  the channeling may come so I can get it down and get to bed.


Persistent Problem Solving

Sometimes a problem presents itself that we just want to get solved. So, we go over and over it in our mind seemingly into oblivion without getting it resolved. And, sometimes, we try to stay a step of ahead of what we imagine may come by trying to solve for the many iterations in advance.

Yet, when we go over and over something without a solution, it can lead us to fret on repeat. A good friend once told me repetitively asking the same question over and over again in our mind, when we don’t have the answer, is like continuing to hit the button on a computer keyboard when the operating system is stuck. You get nowhere, the computer doesn’t have a chance to reboot, and you can trigger a bigger issue.

I have learned if you have gone over many aspects of a problem and don’t yet see a solution, you likely don’t yet have enough information. Here it becomes important to be comfortable tabling the problem solving until you do. And, you have to get out of your own head and own way for the information to come.

Here are some ways I work on balancing problem solving with letting the mind off duty for the moment:
  • Keep a thought journal with you – just a small, thin booklet that is easy to carry in your purse or have on you at all times. Write down the question or problem you have and then let go trusting it is now written and doesn’t need to be held in your thoughts on a persistent basis.
  • Engage in introspective practices that calm the mind so you can hear yourself think. If you are repeatedly in asking/doing mode in your mind, you won’t be ready to be in receiving mode when the information makes itself known.
  • I find that different bits of information begin to come to me like pieces of a puzzle. I write them down even if I don’t know where they fit, just feeling and trusting that they do.
  • For me, eventually, the dots then just begin to naturally connect. Usually, when I am open and ready for the answer.
  • And if you are trying to solve for things that don’t yet exist, as the saying goes, “cross that bridge when you come to it.” Worrying about it now is a waste of energy.


Inquisition Into Infinity

Oh my gosh do I have a mind that likes to know things. I have an avid curiosity and a life-long love of learning. This passion has been a bonus in my professional and personal life due a love of research of inquiry. Knowing new things feeds my mind and my spirit.

But, when you take me as a whole, with the tendency toward all the ways my over zealous can mind overthink as outlined above, this is another area I can wander into the weeds of obsessive thinking.

I’ve noticed this especially with the advent of the smart phone. It can be problematic for a mind like mine to have a mini-computer in the palm of my hand. While I do have everything I need with me to manage my life at all times, I also have the ability to get sucked down a rabbit hole at any given time.

I can be adding something to my calendar and two hours later I am still watching a cooking demo for root vegetables. I’ve learned some really intriguing things, but probably not the best time or with the best use of my time, especially if it just before sleep.

I swear, I was only going to set my alarm and now I see a great video on how to curl my hair. Apparently, this is common as I am seeing more and more articles about our smartphone addiction overall.

This reminds me of the advent of email, especially at the office (yes, I am old enough to remember). At first, we would just get a few here and there. Then, when the concept finally caught on, we started to get barraged. The more we tried to respond instantaneously, the less we got done as all we were doing was reacting to email.

We learned to set aside time to review and respond to email to protect the most productive parts of our day and get our most pressing work done. We checked in the morning, after lunch, and later in the afternoon. In this way we were responsive, but not held hostage. Certainly, there were exceptions for things that were urgent, once we discerned that to be true.

This practice could also be suitable for how we keep connected through our smartphone. Not every notification is urgent and not every interesting item you chance across is important in that moment. This isn’t easy, I know. I am still really working on this. Anything my mind wants to know, at any given moment, I can Google with the flick of a finger and a few taps of my thumb.

Here are some other ways I am working to balance wanting to know now with not needing to know right now:
  • If you get notifications on your phone from various apps, discern if it is urgent or important, or just interesting. If it is urgent, respond. If it is important, decide if it is a priority over what you currently need to be doing. If it is just interesting save it for later.
  • Bookmark, to save posts  on social media to save for later
  • Email articles and recipes and such to yourself perhaps to a  folder of interesting things for later at leisure
  • Create certain times of day when you can go back and pursue the things that piqued your interest sand set yourself a time limit
  • Don’t pick up your phone before bed. Have everything preset for morning (seriously a hard one for a me and seriously a detriment to soothing sleep).


Aromatherapy for An Overactive Mind

The same practice of counting our breaths, as detailed When the Mind Runs Amok, can cut the cord of continuous thinking beyond what’s beneficial.

To accompany your practices of overcoming overthinking, once again, aromatherapy makes an awesome ally. Essential oils excel at supporting the mind, and there are certain selections that are exceptional for repetitive and obsessive thinking.

I’ve combined my favorites into the synergies below with some suggestions for how they may best serve. As always, it is important to experiment so you can experience what works best for you.

Now, that you have had an insider’s look to my overactive mind, if you recognize anything familiar, I hope you find these suggestions helpful on your own journey to slow the flow!

All of these recipes are written as mini-master blends. You can add as written to your diffuser.  To add to a personal aromatherapy inhaler, simply multiply the mini-master blend by 3 for 15 drops total.


Quiet Mind

For when the mind is working overtime running on that hamster wheel to nowhere. This is a great general synergy to take on the go for any situation from sunrise to slumber.

2 drops Basil Linalool Ocimum basilicum

2 drops Bergamot Citrus bergamia

1 drop Sandalwood Australian Santalum spicatum


Fret Free

I like this synergy for quieting the mind before bed. It is especially good for when the wheels keep turning and you need support shifting down for a peaceful slumber.

2 drops Frankincense Carteri Boswellia carteri

2 drops Orange Sweet Citrus sinensis

1 drop Marjoram Sweet Origanum majorana


Zen Zone

I just love this synergy when I need to just let go and drop into the zone for to introspection and meditation. I find it calming, centering, grounding and uplifting. This is one of my go-to’s to help bring me back to balance found in quiet time.

2 drops Bergamot Citrus bergamia

1 drop Blue Cypress Callitris intratropica

1 drop Davana Artemisia pallens

1 drop Sandalwood Australian Santalum spicatum




When the Mind Runs Amok

By Ellen Brenner, Certified Aromatherapist

With a new year, many of us start a fresh set of intentions for improving our health and wellbeing. So, we count steps walked and clock miles ran. We count calories and reps at the gym or laps in the pool. And, some of us measure our BMI, numbers on the scale, or the inches around our waist.

But, what about counting our breath?

Wait. What? Why?

Ok, let me back up a bit.

We often put the focus squarely and solely on the measures of our physical health. But, ehnancing our emotional and mental health is just as important.

If you follow my blogs, you know I am an advocate for the mind, body, spirit connection and the impact it has on our wellness. When our whole being is in balance, we can find our own optimal level of wellbeing.

Our best of  intentions for improving our vitality can be overtaken by our lack of attention to our state of mind.  For a balanced equation in measuring our wellbeing, the mind most definitely matters. In fact, it is actually mission control.

 So, what does this have to do with counting our breath?

When, our thoughts and emotions are out of balance, it can create havoc with our overall wellbeing. The good news is we actually have a built-in mechanism to take charge of where our mind travels. Simply counting our breath can help rebalance to our being. Coupling our breaths with an aromatic companion can create an even more enhancing experience.


When the Mind Runs Amok

Many of us, myself included, have a tendency to let our minds run away with us. I think of it as the mind running amok. Sometimes, I begin to worry or feel anxious solely because I am imagining all that can go wrong down to worst-case scenario for things that have yet to happen. This is especially true if I am about to experience change or make a big decision. Instead of focusing on faith that all will be well, I can “what if this, and what if that” myself into feeling fissures of fear.

Now, before I go on, I want to clear up any possible confusion. We aren’t talking about a deep sense of worry or anxiousness from significant situational, physiological to psychological issues.

Situational issues might include life’s major stressors such as divorce, job change or loss, financial change, a move, death or serious illness and so on. Physiological imbalances may include chemical imbalances in the mind and body that affect a healthy state of mind to the point of debilitating anxiousness, worry or sadness. Psychological issues could include PTSD, phobias or other mental, emotional impairments.

I have dealt with all of these, and while there are things I could do to help myself,  I also needed the help of qualified health practitioners in partnership with my self-care.

But, what if outside of those significantly serious scenarios, we have a tendency toward worry? To imagine worse case scenario when it doesn’t necessarily exist? Can we support a happier state of mind through self-care? 

The Short Answer is “Yes.”

Most of us know if we are “worriers.”

Worry is exhausting on all levels of our being and can diminish our ability to be well.

When we begin to remove worry as a constant source of distress, our whole being has the ability to rebalance and replenish. If left in a chronic state, continued distress of the mind leads to stress in the body, which can take a toll on our mental and physical health.



You can read more about this in:

Take a Breath and Cool Your Jets

But, by becoming aware of our worry when we are in the moment,  we can take control and switch our mind from autopilot run amok to a conscious state where we may steer our thoughts to back to slow and steady.

And, we can do this simply with two natural tools when we find our thoughts tail spinning for reasons not based in our current reality.

Are you ready? Here’s what we need:

  • Our own natural breath
  • Aromatherapy as an amazing ally


Calming Your Mind in the Moment:  Counting Your Breath and Aromatic Anchors

Let’s start with deep breaths and aromatic anchors. We can create a positive association in the brain by connecting a supportive affirmation with a soothing scent to make an aromatic anchor. In this way, we can quickly send a message to our mind that all is well when we subsequently smell the same scent again. This is a great practice to have when you find yourself wandering into worry and need to flip the switch.

First, we want to create an affirmation that is calming to us when our mind in a state of calamity. An affirmation is a positive thought used to replace a negative thought stated in the present tense. I like to use “all is well,” for example, but it is important to use what works for you.

We can enhance this experience by creating a practice combining our affirmation with counting deep breaths. When I was a child, and my emotions became stormy, my mom always told me to take deep breaths and count to three. Naturally, our mothers were right because we now know the deliberate act of slow, deep breathing sends signals to the brain to turn off the stressed state.

Next, we can choose an aromatic synergy that is soothing to us and supports the positive state of mind we are seeking. For this practice, I recommend either adding your synergy to a personal aromatherapy inhaler or diffuser jewelry so it can be with you to whiff when needed.

This is how it would work all together.

  • Choose your affirmation to repeat during times of worry
  • Choose your aromatic synergy to help soothe your senses
  • Create a personal inhaler
  • Use the following deep breathing exercise when needed


An Aromatic Deep Breathing Exercise:

  1. Hold the inhaler under one nostril while gently holding the other nostril closed.
  2. Begin to repeat your chosen affirmation to yourself.
  3. Inhale your aromatic synergy gently, deeply, and slowly down into the lungs, feeling your belly expand, to the count of 3.
  4. Hold a moment.
  5. Exhale slowly, through the mouth, to the count of 3.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Repeat on each side if desired.


 Suggestion for Creating Your Own Synergy

This is one of my all-time favorites for letting go of worry and bringing myself back into balance, especially when I find myself in a heightened state after the fact, or when I become aware of it beginning to bubble up from below:

Add the following to a personal aromatherapy inhaler:

6 drops Geranium Bourbon Pelargonium x asperum

6 drops Neroli Citrus x aurantium

3 drops Orange Sweet Citrus sinensis


Suggestions for Ready Made Synergies

Worry Free – blended to support a relaxed state of mind during times of tension and anxiousness.

Grounded Foundation — helps to soothe, calm and relax when you are feeling distressed by encouraging a sense of safety and security.


Calming Your Mind as as a Practice: Counting Your Breath and Aromatic Meditation

Because thoughts are things that can have real effect on our wellbeing, it is important to learn to drive our own mind, rather than letting it run amok.  This is where meditation can make a great impact.

You read more about the many benefits to our wellbeing in:

M is for Meditation

When we talk about the practice of meditation, it can create a variety of impressions depending on what you’ve heard or experienced. And, for those of us who are worriers, we don’t want the idea of this to be overwhelming.

What we are really talking about is simply a practice of calming the mind and learning to taking control of our thoughts, rather than letting our thoughts control us.

And, this  practice of calming the mind works wonderfully both as a preventive measure and to  be prepared when we become aware of thoughts heading in a wayward direction.

To keep this simple, here we also use the practice of counting the breath and aromatherapy. Here, again, aromatherapy is a great ally by helping to calm the mind, creating a sense of peace, and opening us to a higher state of consciousness.

For meditation, I like to use my diffuser, but you can also use a personal aromatherapy inhaler before you begin.

Seven Simple Steps to Aromatic Meditation

  1. Choose an aromatic blend.
  2. Find a quiet place to practice. Noise canceling ear phones with soothing music may help.
  3. Start your diffuser (for no more than 60 minutes) Or, inhale from your personal aromatherapy inhaler.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position and gently close your eyes.
  5. Simply focus on your natural breath and begin counting each breath.
  6. Thoughts may bubble up.  Just notice them, let them go without emotion or judgement like they are floating on by.
  7. Return to counting your breath.


Suggestions for Creating Your Own Synergy

I like this particular synergy when I am meditating to calm my mind run amok. I find it centering, clarifying and uplifting to support me in seeking a more clear state of mind.

3 drops Grapefruit Pink Citrus x paradisi

1 drop Lemon Citrus x limon

1 drop Buddha Wood Eremophila mitchellii



Suggestions for Ready Made Synergies

Clear Intuition — helps to quiet the conscious mind, encourage introspection and connect to a higher state of consciousness while remaining grounded in peace.

Meditation Synergy Blend — helps to take you into a calmer, more meditative state of mind.


I hope you find these practices combining counting your breath with aromatherapy as a companion helpful in easing your mind when you tend to wander into a state of worry. To truly enhance our overall wellbeing and vitality, it is important to care for our whole being. So, while you are focused on counting your steps to feel more fit, don’t forget to include a practice of counting your breath to create more calm on your journey toward the most fabulous feeling you!

Aromatherapy and Romance

Check out these essential oil recipes and get ready to open your heart up to some love and romance!

Let’s not be modest — when a man walks past and wafts an alluring cologne, or a woman is seemingly always smelling of an aroma you find absolutely irresistible, it can seem impossible not to notice your sudden change in thoughts and emotions.

“Oh wow! That smells amazing!”

It’s the kind of feeling that causes a husband to get lost in the scent of his wife’s hair, or a woman to bury her face into her boyfriend’s worn t-shirt whenever he is away. These are smells that make you swoon and wish for more.

Some scents are quite simply intoxicating; they can directly affect emotional states and infuse your senses. Because of this, humans have been harnessing the power of aromatherapy for centuries, and it has deep roots in romantic history. Ancient civilizations used fragrances to cultivate desire and influence behaviors. The Egyptians, for example, enjoyed aromatic baths to make a more sensual environment for intimacy.

Cleopatra by Frank Dicksee (1853-1928)

Then there are the accounts of the legendary seductress, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, that claim she carpeted her throne room floor with rose petals and massaged her body with a custom blend of rose, cardamom, and cinnamon oils to seduce Marc Antony upon his arrival. She would even order the sails of her ship to be doused with the fragrant oils to attract his attention further and awaken passions [1]. Additionally, the alluring characteristics of fragrance are also mentioned in the Bible, in Song of Solomon: “His cheeks are like beds of spices, mounds of sweet-smelling herbs. His lips are lilies, dripping liquid Myrrh” (Song Sol. 5:13 English Standard Version).

History tells us that smell has been long known as a central element of attraction, but what does modern science say?

You probably guessed it: Certain aromas really do work within the mind and body to spark feelings of sensuality and love. This is because smell links to the limbic lobe of the brain and activates the hypothalamus. Since the hypothalamus is the hormone control center, it regulates and stimulates sex drive, energy levels, and healthy hormone productions. According to Psychology Today, “Some researchers think scent could be the missing factor that explains who we end up with. It may even explain why we feel ‘chemistry’ — or ‘sparks’ or ‘electricity’ — with one person and not another.” [2]

Scents can operate so subtly they may be hardly detectable, and even the faintest fragrance can encourage thoughts of positivity and passion. When this happens, your sense of desire is heightened from the positive influences on your mood. If you’re ready to dive into the romantic qualities of aromatherapy, the essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Clary Sage are well-known to add to the desired ambiance. [3]

Or also, try Plant Therapy’s Sensual Synergy Blend, which was created by our Certified Aromatherapists to create an exceptionally romantic aroma. It’s perfect for those more intimate moments with your loved one.

Want a couple more ideas? Check out these recipes and get ready to open your heart up to some love and romance!
Massage Oil

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  1. Add ingredients to a 2 oz. bottle,
  2. Mix well by rubbing bottle between palms
  3. Enjoy this very sensual blend of essential oils with your sweetie!

Beloved Beach Rose

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  1. Use a personal inhaler or aromatherapy jewelry and sniff to experience the aroma.
  2. In a 10 mL roller bottle, dilute to 1% with your favorite carrier oil and apply to your wrists


How do you like to use essential oils to enhance the romance in your life? Enter a comment and let us know!


[1] Moeran, B. (2010). A history of fragrances. Household and Personal Care Today, 6-8

[2] Svoboda, E. (2008, January 1). Scents and Sensibility. Retrieved Jan 20, 2018, from

[3] Worwood, V.A. (2016, November 15). The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy 25th Anniversary. New World Library. Pg. 432

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The romantic qualities of Sensual Synergy will awaken passions with its exotic blend of floral and woody aromas. Reconnect and reignite the spark of love with the luxurious Marvelous Massage Carrier Oil, a diverse mix of nourishing oils designed specially to pamper the skin through body work.


This set will leave you feeling flirtatious, ignite your intimacy, and rev up the romance.This set will leave you feeling flirtatious, ignite your intimacy, and rev up the romance.

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