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June Oil of the Month: Moldavian Dragonhead

This month, we are so excited for you to experience a Moldavian Dragonhead!

Not only does this rare and precious essential oil boast a fun and fanciful name, it also brings a host of benefits and a beautifully soft, spicy lemony scent.

A sniff of Moldavian Dragonhead brings to mind that beautifully balanced sweet-tart scent of those vintage, natural lemon drops that come in the little round tins.

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Spotlight Oil of the Week: Mandarin

Mandarin (and Mandarin Organic)

  • Latin name: Citrus reticulata
  • Aroma description: Sweet, fresh, full-bodied citrus scent.


Therapeutic benefits

  • Its fresh, bright aroma can soothe and mellow the mind and body.
  • Eases feelings of sadness.
  • Calming before sleep and a perfect addition to bedtime routines!
  • Improves the aroma of a stale room.



Yes! This oil is KidSafe!


Dilution instructions:

Mandarin has a topical dilution maximum of 2-5%, depending on the area of concern.


Diffusion instructions:

Add a few drops to your aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy the calming and focusing properties of Mandarin.


Where Mandarin is used on the body:

Mandarin makes a lovely addition to many body products, including lotions and carrier oils.


Oils to blend with:

Cypress, Frankincense Carteri, Geranium Egyptian, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Neroli, Nutmeg, Orange Sweet, Peppermint Western US, Petitgrain, Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2, and Ylang Ylang Complete.


Great for relaxing before bed:  

Dilute 3 drops of Mandarin in 2 tsp of your favorite lotion or carrier oil and use after a bath or shower to soothe your nerves after a trying day. To create a heavenly bath blend, add 1 drop of Mandarin, 1 drop of Sandalwood Australian, and 3 drops of Bergamot Mint to a tablespoon of bubble bath, then add to a cup of epsom salt.

DIY Organic Mandarin Uplifting Body Wash

DIY Organic Mandarin Uplifting Body Wash

DIY Organic Mandarin Uplifting Body Wash
What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:

Measure all of the ingredients and pour into the bottle. Shake well and store in your bathroom and use as you would any body wash.


Try out Mandarin today!

Why We Love Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

The light, citrusy aroma of lemon myrtle essential oil makes it a popular choice for many unique applications. Lemon myrtle (backhousia citriodora) is a flowering plant native to the subtropical rainforests of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Noted for its sweet, lemony scent, lemon myrtle oil is extremely uplifting and vibrant, so it’s perfect for a range of aromatic applications. The beneficial oil is steam-distilled from lemon myrtle leaves and branches. Other common names for this lovely natural oil are lemon scented myrtle, sweet verbena myrtle, lemon scented backhousia and lemon ironwood.

plant therapy lemon myrtle essential oil

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The 5 Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

If you’re a devoted essential oils enthusiast, then you probably already know one important thing about this therapeutic niche: there’s an oil for pretty much everything, from quelling jittery nerves to stifling stubborn cold symptoms.

As far as versatility goes, bergamot essential oil ranks high. Bergamot provides a myriad of therapeutic benefits for the whole body, so it’s perfect for tossing in your skincare arsenal, first-aid kit or de-stressing basket. Citrus oils are always popular, but bergamot is definitely one of the most loved of the bunch! Here’s why:

citrus bergamot oil

The Bergamot Profile: What It’s All About

Derived from the bergamot orange plant (citrus bergamia), bergamot essential oil has a delightfully sweet, citrus scent with a warm, floral quality. Because of its lovely aromatic profile, oil derived from the bergamot fruit is a common ingredient in perfumes, skincare products, marmalade and, notably, Earl Grey tea. Commonly harvested and used in the Reggio di Calabria region of Italy, this citrus fruit oil contains many beneficial ingredients, including linalyl acetate and linalool, which are known for providing tons of benefits, including relief from discomfort. Here are some more therapeutic applications for this fruity essential oil.

bergamot fruit isolated

  1. It Helps Ward Off Seasonal Threats—Like many good essential oils, bergamot is known to repel certain outdoor annoyances. In fact, it’s often employed in DIY insect repellents as a safer and gentler alternative to potentially harmful store-bought stuff. We love packing a bottle of roll-on bergamot in our bag during the summer so we always have easy access to a natural insect repellent on the go.
  2. It Calms You Down—The healing effects of bergamot make it a helpful aromatherapy tool for relieving worry and uplifting emotions. In fact, bergamot oil is commonly inhaled by cancer patients during radiation because it has the unique power of calming nervousness. You can apply properly diluted bergamot oil directly onto your skin (always use bergapten-free bergamot to avoid sunburn) or enjoy its sweet aroma through a diffuser.
  3. It May Relieve Discomfort —If you’re wary of lofty essential oil claims, you’re right to be. There’s so much misinformation out there, so it’s important to do your research to decide for yourself what claims are real and what are just smoke and mirrors. There is some big promise for bergamot, though; a study from 2015 showed that the essential oil was effective in controlling neuropathic discomfort and may help ease symptoms associated with headaches.
  4. It Does Wonders for the Skin—Another great reason to add bergamot to your EO arsenal is that it’s known to help balance oily skin and other frustrating skin ailments in a way that’s relatively gentle. In fact, it’s often added to cleansers and moisturizers to gently help unclog pores and slough away excess oil and can be used in DIY formulas.
  5. It Soothes the Tummy—Bergamot oil can also help regulate your digestive system. People often use the sweet-smelling oil to help calm stomach upset, stomach aches and loss of appetite.

Buying Bergapten-Free Oil

Before you go slathering bergamot on yourself with wild abandon, you should know that the bergapten found within bergamot can become toxic when exposed to UV rays, and can increase your risk of sunburn.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notes that, because bergapten on its own has a high level of phototoxicity, plants that produce this ingredient are classified as poisonous. But fear not! We are committed to providing safe, pure essential oils, so we only offer bergapten-free bergamot oil, which is completely safe for use in the sun.

plant therapy essential oil organic bergamotIf you love citrusy essential oils, we also recommend trying our Citrus Burst Synergy Blend or lemon essential oil. Though similar to bergamot, these products have their own distinct qualities and benefits that you’ll love.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Introducing Summer Blends

plant therapy summer essential oil blends

Summer is here!

Warm weather and fun-in-the-sun is awaiting, so we are celebrating by bringing you three remarkable synergies made with 100% pure, undiluted essential oils. Easy to use and great for any essential oil collection, bring summer into your home with this lovely set of new blends, only available for a limited time.

Mountain Air Synergy:

To help you unwind and relax after so many busy, fun-filled days, our Mountain Air Synergy was created to give you some well-deserved peaceful respite. The calming and soothing essential oils of Bergamot, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood Atlas, and Lavender make a beautiful blend that will transport you to twilight spent by the lakeside.

Sangria Splash Synergy:

Reminiscent of a fruity cocktail and will bring about a feeling of summer afternoon celebrations. It offers the bright aromas of Orange Sweet, Grapefruit Pink, and Mandarin, along with the fruity fragrances of Davana and Chamomile German.

Endless Summer:

A bright, uplifting aroma that brings about the carefree feeling of summer all year long. Enjoy the brightening, energizing, and refreshing qualities of Grapefruit Pink, Lemon Steam Distilled, and Lime Steam Distilled. Orange Sweet and soothing Mandarin and Ylang Ylang complete this blend that is sure to help ease your mind, alleviate tension, and promote focus.

These exclusive synergies can be bought together or individually to enjoy the delightful aromas of summer in your home!

To use each of these synergies, diffuse, use in a personal aromatherapy inhaler, or in an aromatherapy locket. Dilute Mountain Air and Sangria Splash to 2-3% in your favorite carrier oil or unscented lotion or cream. Dilute Endless Summer to 1-2% in your favorite body wash or lotion for a summery fresh feeling whenever you want it.

We hope you love these summer synergies as much as we do! You can buy these oils individually or all together as a set, perfectly packaged in an attractive wooden box.

Spotlight Featured Oil of the Week — Nature Shield Synergy

Nature Shield Synergy 


Therapeutic benefits

  • Creates a natural barrier against outdoor annoyances without any chemicals.
  • Can be used topically or through diffusion.
  • Keeps your outdoor area free and clear!
  • Soft scent that is herbal clean with citrus undertones.



No! This is a NOT KidSafe oil.


Dilution instructions:

For topical application, we recommend a maximum dilution of 5%.


Diffusion instructions:

All of the amazing essential oils in Nature Shield come together to create a totally unique blend, specifically formulated by our Certified Aromatherapists to keep you and your family comfortable outdoors. Add 6-8 drops to your diffuser and use outdoors to help keep bugs away.


Quick Clothing Spray

Dilute Nature Shield to 5% in Everclear and spray onto your clothing to help keep outdoor pests away.


DIY Essential Oil Outdoor Candle

DIY Outdoor Candle

DIY Essential Oil Outdoor Candle

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

First, secure the wick to the center of the candle holder. Then, using a double boiler, melt the beeswax completely. When the wax has melted, remove it from heat, add Nature Shield, and mix well. Slowly pour the mixture into the candle holder and make sure the wick is centered. Let it dry, then light the candle and enjoy!

Try out Nature Shield today!

Summer Solstice: Sunshine For Your Soul

By Ellen Brenner, Certified Aromatherapist

Need a little more sunshine for your soul?

We have a perfect opportunity to prepare ourselves as we welcome Summer Solstice on June 21st.  If we see these milestones as signs to tune in, we can tune up our spirit by absorbing the intention of the commemoration.

Marking the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice shines with an abundance of natural, radiant light. And, indeed, sunshine serves as necessary source of nourishment and a sustaining force for our overall wellbeing.

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PT Perqs Loyalty and Rewards Program

PT Perqs plant therapy rewards program

Plant Therapy is so excited to introduce a brand new way for us to give back to all of our wonderful customers. With the PT Perqs Loyalty and Rewards Program, you can earn points toward unique coupons that can save you $5, $15, or $40! Savings like that might make it hard not to get excited about what your next essential oil splurge might be…

As a PT Perqs member, you will always know how close you are to getting your coupon — with individualized emails just for you — letting you know when you’re getting close to your reward, when you have it, and reminders in case you forget about it!

So how easy is it to earn those points? So easy!

Every dollar spent automatically earns points! 10 points per dollar; here is how those points add up to rewards:

  • 1,500 pts = $5 reward
  • 3,000 pts = $15 reward
  • 6,000 pts = $40 reward

And because your involvement with us is so important, you even earn points when you connect to our social media pages, comment on our blogs, and write reviews! We want to hear from you — and now your thoughts, opinions, and feedback can turn into some really great savings! Here’s what we mean:

  • Make a purchase = 10 pts per $1 spent
  • Create a Plant Therapy account = 100 pts
  • Connect with us on Facebook = 100 pts
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  • Write a review = 150 pts
  • It’s your birthday! Get 150 pts each year on your birthday!

As always, thank you for being a Plant Therapy customer! You are what makes our company as great as it is and we hope you love the PT Perqs Program!

Just a note: This is a brand new program for Plant Therapy, so if you get confused or have any issues please don’t hesitate to reach out to our  fabulous customer service team!

DIY Essential Oil Silly Putty

DIY essential oil silly putty

Did you love playing with silly putty as a kid? Do you have kids who love playing with it now?

Feeling that soft, ooey, gooey goodness squish between your fingers while you shape it, squish it, stamp it — really, you can do whatever you want with it! The point is, putty is a fun way to use the imagination, satisfy sensory needs, and have some inexpensive and easy family fun!

Are you ready to make a super soft and totally customizable silly putty? This is a great activity for the kids to join in on; they will love the measuring, mixing, and learning through play! Putty is a great way to encourage young minds to be curious and imaginative while they are playing.

DIY Silly Putty

DIY essential oil silly putty

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Mix together the carrier oil and essential oil then add to the yogurt and cornstarch. Get a little messy — use your hands to mix, knead, and roll the ingredients together until it is no longer sticky. Add additional cornstarch if it is too sticky; if it is too dry, add a bit more yogurt. When you’ve reached the consistency you want, have fun playing with your all natural silly putty!

Please note that this silly putty is not meant to be stored. Have fun creating a new batch for each playtime! Feel free to experiment with different KidSafe oils each time to figure out what works best for you and your kids.

So, you have your putty — now it’s time to play! Here are a few game ideas to get you and your family started!

Treasure Hunting:

Take a small toy, bead, coin, or other object, and hide it inside the putty without your child watching. Now they have to get their hands inside the putty to find the treasure! For younger children, supervision is necessary when playing with small objects. For older children, or multiple children, use a timer and have them race to beat the clock!

Budding Builders:

Grab a handful of toothpicks and use the putty to build a tiny house or tower. Putty is very pliable, so don’t expect the structure to last long — but it is sure fun to see what kind of quick architecture everyone can come up with before it all falls down!

Copy Cat:

Especially great for younger children, this game uses putty to make identical shapes and figures from one player to the next. The first player molds a bit of putty into a shape, like a triangle, and the other player makes the same shape with their putty. This can also be a fun way to practice learning letters and numbers.


How do you and your kids like to play with putty? Let us know in the comments below!